The Best Jobs for People Who Love Working at Heights

The Best Jobs for People Who Love Working at Heights

31st December 2019

Not everyone feels comfortable when they are up in the sky at a great height. Matt Damon, Woody Allen and Sheryl Crow are just a few of the famous people who say that they suffer from Acrophobia.
Yet, if you love looking down on the world from high up in the sky then there are some jobs that could be perfect for you.

Not every glazing job will be carried out at the same height. You might be working on a bungalow one day and then fitting windows to a giant skyscraper the next. This diversity could mean that working up on the 80th or 90th floor will seem fresh and exciting.
In terms of occupational hazards, the height that they work at isn’t the only issue. Glaziers also work with tools such as cutting blades, saws and drills. The risk of being cut by shards of glass is ever-present too.

Steel Construction Workers
As steel frames are used in the majority of the world’s tallest buildings, this job offers you a chance to work at height while taking part in an exciting project. Naturally, these workers use safety helmets, safety ladders and other forms of protection.
It is a physically demanding job but it is also potentially very rewarding. With big construction projects in progress all over the world, this can give you a chance to see many different places from a privileged position up in the clouds.  

Rock-Climbing Instructor
If the aforementioned jobs all seem a little too tame for you then what about teaching people how to climb up the side of cliffs and mountains? You will need patience and good communication skills to show your pupils how to do this safely and what gear to use.
Of course, there is also the safer choice of doing this with an indoor climbing wall. However, this approach should still be interesting enough for all but the most hardened thrill-seeker. You should go on a professional course to get certification before applying for a job like this.

There can be few jobs in the world as dangerous as that of fire-fighter. As well as frequently working at great heights, they also need to do so in dangerous, intense situations such as fires and other emergencies.
This isn’t the right career for everyone, even those who are comfortable at heights. However, there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from carrying out a valuable service while enjoying a great job that never gets dull.

Pilots spend endless hours of their lives looking down at the planet from up high. There are many different types of pilot job available, from those with commercial airlines to military roles and rescue service pilots.
This is a career that forces you to put a lot of time and effort into your training and gaining sufficient hours flying time. If you do this, the salary tends to be very appealing and the excitement of flying up into the air is something you can look forward to for most of your working life.