Bespoke Plant Platforms

Bespoke Plant Platforms

16th December 2013

Plant platforms are used to provide access to areas that are hard to access safely using ladders and steps.  The plant platforms need to be sturdy enough to take the weight of workers combined with any tools and equipment they need in order to carry out any repairs or regular maintenance tasks.  Most plant platforms will need to be individually designed for the job at hand in order to ensure the health and safety of the workers who will be using the platforms.  

A bespoke plant platform will provide easy access and will be designed taking into consideration the tasks for which it will be used.  Some considerations to take into account when ordering a bespoke plant platform are:

•    What will the platform be used for
•    How often will the platform be used
•    How many workers will the platform need to accommodate at a time
•    What types of tools and equipment will the platform need to hold
•    How often will the platform be used
•    How will users access the platform
•    If the platform is outside weather conditions will need to be considered
•    How the platform integrates aesthetically with the building/location

Plant platform fabrication is a skilled business.  Providers should offer a bespoke service, collaborating with clients on all aspects of design in order to provide the exact solution that the client needs.  The materials with which the plant platform will be fabricated need to be tough and durable enough for the job at hand in order for the client to see a return on investment (ROI).  

When a client commissions a work platform, the fabricators and designers will be able to customize the product so that it offers all the requisite health and safety features.  Hand rails and guard rails may be necessary on exposed sides.  Non slip surface treatments and access steps may be added if necessary.  For access to areas that are hard to reach or that will require your employees to work at height then getting in touch with a safety fabrication specialist is vital.  They will look at your situation and design a solution that fits the bill perfectly, ensuring that your employees are both safe and comfortable when carrying out their duties.

As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are provided with all the correct tools and equipment to carry out their work.  If work needs doing in difficult to access areas or at height, then it is your duty to ensure that they have the necessary access equipment that is safe to use and does not expose them to any undue risks.  

If your employees are required to work at heights or on plant platforms of any type, then you will need to ensure that they receive the necessary safety training.  This is also the responsibility of the employer so you’ll need to find a provider to train your workforce.  If you’ve commissioned a plant platform of some sort, then the best way to find out what sort of training your employees need is to ask the fabricator – some fabricators can also provide the training your employees will need.