The Benefits of Using Construction Estimating Software

The Benefits of Using Construction Estimating Software

15th April 2019

Back in February we provided our readers with information on how adopting a mobile construction safety programme can benefit construction companies here in the UK, followed by some advice on how to get started with a mobile construction safety programme.  Today, we’re going to take a look at the benefits that can be leveraged by small to medium construction companies by using construction estimation software.  

Construction project management begins with the bidding process, which involves an array of tasks, including project scheduling, budgeting, conflict resolution, legal issues and the accurate estimation of projects to ensure a profit. 

Accurate cost estimation is vital for the success of SME construction companies – an estimate that is too high could cost you the job, whilst an estimation that’s too low is likely to eat into your profit margins.  Estimating by hand can be a lengthy process, but modern technology has rushed to the rescue with software that makes it easier than ever to calculate bids and provides construction company owners with an edge over the competition.   Why not take a look at some of the advantages that your business will enjoy by adopting construction estimating software?

  • ACCURACY – in such a competitive market and uncertain economy, keeping track of equipment costs, labour costs, materials costs and subcontractor expenses is vital.  Estimating software will enable you to keep track of all of your back orders, stored materials and materials that have already been installed on recent jobs.  The increased accuracy will enable you to detail labour cots and the total volume of materials required for a project.
  • EFFICIENCY – digital estimation software will save your business time and money as it’s likely to be ten times faster than traditional estimation methods.  Improving both the speed and efficiency of your estimation process will allow you to put more quotes onto the marketplace, secure more jobs and dedicate more time to other vital areas of your business.
  • CONSISTENCY – the ability to form estimates that use similar procedures and expenses for each new build will ensure a consistent process across all projects.  You’ll have the ability to maintain a database of prices and costs that you can update when necessary, providing you with powerful tools you can use in future builds, compare past projects, establish construction time frames and streamline your processes and systems.
  • INTEGRATION – choosing the right estimation software will enable you to integrate your work with your other business software solutions, streamlining your workflow and reducing the replication of information.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – the increased accuracy, consistency, precision and speed that estimating software provides will enhance your professionalism, an important issue when dealing with prospective clients.  As a contractor in such a competitive construction sector, it’s vital to stay ahead of the pack by producing professional quotes and reports which will take potential clients’ confidence in your company to a whole new level. 

Next week we’ll take a look at some of the best estimation software available for 2019.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get a notification when the information is published.