Be on the Lookout for the Latest Facebook Challenge

Be on the Lookout for the Latest Facebook Challenge

19th February 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications we tend to take safety rather seriously – after all, we’re in the safety business.  We’re always on the lookout for safety tips and information to pass on to our readers in the construction industry so we keep a close eye on the news.  Some recent news reports have led us to believe that it’s time to talk about site security, a vital component of site safety.  It seems that one of the latest crazes to hit Facebook is the IKEA challenge which hit the headlines recently when the Telegraph published a warning to parents after an 11 year old schoolboy slept in an IKEA store overnight. 

Apparently the boy spent a night in the Sheffield branch of IKEA as part of the “24-Hour Fort Challenge!  The boy’s parents reported him missing when he didn’t come home from school that day and police appealed for information on social media.  Posters were made and handed out in an attempt to find the youngster who was found the following day.  Police then issued a warning about the challenge, which encourages members of the public to hide and build forts in large stores and warehouses overnight and then sneak out the next morning. 

Even more disturbing is the fact that a Chicago radio station is promoting the challenge on its Facebook page and on its website!  South Yorkshire Police, however, take a more sensible approach, warning that “warehouses and shopping departments contain large quantities of heavy stock and items that could easily fall and crush someone”.  The Guardian has weighed in with advice on how to tell if your child is taking part in the challenge.

All of which brings us to construction sites, many of which will have some sort of storeroom or site breakroom where construction personnel can get a cuppa, eat their lunch and shelter from the rain and cold for a little while during their breaks.  We can’t stress enough the dangers that exist on buildings sites.  Heck, it’s risky enough for construction workers who are used to being there and know the dangers and what to look out for.  If this challenge starts to encompass buildings sites, then the children taking part would be even more at risk than they are in IKEA.

We’re also well aware that some of our customers have warehouses – some of our access equipment is designed for warehouse use.  This means that we all need to be a little more vigilant when it comes to site security in the future.  We’ll take a more detailed look at site security next week – it’s a complex issue and deserves a whole article with tips that can be used when it comes to ensuring site security.  However, in the meantime, it will be worth being extra vigilant, especially as the end of the day approaches and the site begins to close down for the night.  If you should see any kids or teenagers lingering and watching, it may be worth letting them know that you’ve seen them and that you’re aware of the challenge and have measures in place to make sure they can’t get in.