Basic Safety Advice For Those Who Work At Height

Basic Safety Advice For Those Who Work At Height

06th May 2014

Whether you work at height on a regular basis or occasionally in your job, then you are at an increased risk of suffering a fall in the workplace.  A sensible level of risk management is essential for those who work at height and this is one of the main principles of the UK Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR).  There are several steps that must be taken by any employers in order to ensure the safety and health of their employees who work at height.  Even though health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of employers, workers must also do their part by following best practice and adopting a responsible attitude towards their own safety when working at height.

If working at height is one of the requirements of your job, then it’s essential that you make sure you’ve undertaken the relevant safety training required for the tasks at hand.  Arranging and paying for the training required is your employer’s responsibility and you should see this as an opportunity to gain a qualification.  It’s your responsibility as an employee to ensure that you adopt a sensible attitude during the training so that you can make the most of what you learn to protect yourself in the workplace and reduce your risk of accidents and injuries.
During your training courses you will need to make sure that you remember all that you are being taught.  Use whichever techniques that you think will help you to remember everything you’re taught – you could take notes and/or make diagrams so that what you learn is not forgotten at the end of the training session.  Everything you learn is vital information that will protect you in the future so you’ll need to remember (or access) this information every time you work at height.

Many of us who perform repetitive tasks or use equipment on a regular basis are in danger of becoming complacent with familiarity.  This complacency is often the cause of accidents and injuries – we may take shortcuts, either during preparation or during the work itself and this can lead us into dangerous situations.  Any safety measures that are required to be undertaken are required for good reason.  These safety measures are designed to increase safety and minimize risk and it’s essential to keep them in mind at all times when working at height.

If you work at height, then the final responsibility for safety is yours – you need to use any resources available to you to ensure that you’re using best possible practice and minimizing any risks at all times.

Working at height is a serious business, so there’s no place here for workplace pranks and jokes - these can often lead to disaster.  There are plenty of opportunities to lighten the atmosphere and have a laugh with colleagues and workmates during break time when you’re on the ground.  Don’t take the light heartedness up the ladders with you, leave it on the ground.  When you’re working at height it’s important that employee safety is the prime consideration at all times – yours and that of your workmates.