Any Old Ladders, Any Old Ladders, Any, Any, Any Old Ladders?

Any Old Ladders, Any Old Ladders, Any, Any, Any Old Ladders?

18th August 2014

Here at Safety Fabrications we provide all types of ladders for access solutions in industry.  All of our ladders are new and fit for purpose.  We've already covered the Ladder Exchange Scheme that has become an annual drive to ensure that old ladders that are unsafe can be replaced in a cost effective manner before they cause an accident.  We've also published a couple of blog posts that show some really good uses for ladders that are no longer fit for the job.  We've seen some really cool and inventive ways of reusing ladders - repurposing them in order to make useful or decorative items for the home and garden.  This type of recycling is called 'upcycling' and it's an activity that is becoming increasingly popular in our throwaway society where so many of the gadgets and gizmos we buy have a built-in designed obsolescence.  We've been scouring the internet and have come up with some more great ideas for repurposing ladders, extending their lives so that they don't end up as worthless junk in land fill sites in the UK.

One of the best ideas we've come across for old ladders is to hang them from the ceiling to use as storage racks.  A short ladder (or a shortened section of a longer ladder) makes a great storage solution for pots and pans in the kitchen.  It's just a matter of attaching ropes or chains to all four corners of the ladder and suspending it from the ceiling at a suitable height.  Add a couple of packs of butcher's hooks (available in your local hardware store for a couple of quid - or try eBay) and, voila - you have a stylish addition to the kitchen that looks as if it's been bought at one of the upmarket kitchen suppliers.

The same sort of rack also makes a great addition to a utility room or laundry room as a clothes hanger.  You can paint the ladder to match it to your décor and it's a handy place to hang shirts, dresses, etc. to air or when you're doing the ironing.  Instead of walking to the bedroom to stash each item in the wardrobe, hang them from your ladder until you've finished and then carry everything into the bedroom at once.

One of the most stylish uses we've seen for a ladder is as a shoe rack for high heels.  Any ladies out there who have a great shoe collection will welcome a ladder propped against the bedroom wall to display their Christian Louboutins and Irregular choices.  Instead of buying a load of expensive shoe boxes (or worse, stuffing all your shoes in a box in the bottom of the wardrobe) - take pride in your designer shoes and display them where you can enjoy them when they're not on your feet.  Imelda Marcos - eat your heart out!

And last, but not least, is an idea I picked up from a friend who's a keen gardener.  Running out of space to keep his large pots of cuttings and seedlings, he propped a ladder on the end of a potting table and slotted some flower pot in between each set of rungs.  This keeps the pots well drained at all times and takes up little space in the potting shed.