Up and Over Stair for Safe Access Solutions

Up and Over Stair for Safe Access Solutions

07th August 2019

When working at heights, and especially on roofs, you bear full responsibility for your workers or contractors’ safety. Besides provisions to protect workers from fall, you may also consider safe up and over stair access units.

Both roof access staircases and step units provide easy access to parapet walls, plant areas, or conduits when the angle of access ranges from 30 to 50°; however, they serve different purposes.

These installations can be fixed or freestanding and can be supplied with traditional safety systems, including cable-based fall arresters or traditional guardrails.

Access Stairs

Are designed to provide seamless movement from one level of the structure to another. Are essential to use for operations that require regular travel between levels and to access operating platforms.

These stairs can be either fixed or modular. The modular solution is typically removable and ideal for one-off projects, such as new construction or restoration works.

Fixed access staircases are usually employed by industries or businesses who require daily access to elevations for various purposes, including regular maintenance or inspection of equipment, gauging or any other application that requires carrying of heavy tools or equipment by hand.

Step Unit

Are designed to allow easy movement in hazardous areas. They are typically placed over parapet walls, conduit, ducting, skylights, and other obstacles on a roof area.

Like the access staircases, they can be fixed to the ground or freestanding.

The freestanding variant is also portable; some units disassemble for transport, and they can be used in various locations. Due to design faults or human error, though, these step over units are not completely safe.

Fixed units are bolted to the roof and are the safest access available on today’s market.

Regardless of your choice, step over units provide flexible access over a range of widths and heights, keeping you safe while working at elevations.

Our Step Unit can be customised and built to your specifications, please contact us and see how we can help you gain safe access.

Material Options

Access staircases and step over units are usually made from steel or alloy with either mesh or solid steps or decking.

Alloy is lighter than steel, making these access solutions more suitable to place on fragile roofs. However, steel is stronger and has greater resistance to elements.

As for the steps or decking, the mesh is often a more appropriate choice. While it’s not as durable as solid steps or decking, it provides adequate water drainage, reducing the risk of slipping.

Other Safety Measures

Besides access staircases and step over units, you might also want to consider installing a roof walkway if you have to access a fragile roof.

These walkways are also temporary or permanent, and they can be tailored to fit any situation. Such a system possesses maximum strength, offers a high degree of slip resistance, and is fairly easy to maintain.


Regardless of your needs, whenever you have to work at heights, it is essential to adopt all necessary safety measures. Access staircases, step over units, and roof walkways are designed to adapt to the most demanding structural and environmental conditions, allowing you to cut off most hazards and enhance safety.