An Anchor of Hope

An Anchor of Hope

03rd April 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications, we advocate the use of safety harnesses when working at height but, as anybody who does regular work with a safety harness will know, a safety harness system is only as effective as the security of the anchor point to which it is attached.  

The British Standard BS8437:2005 “Code of practice for selection, use and maintenance of personal fall protection systems and equipment for use in the workplace” requires that restraint systems should be strong and stable enough to restrain the user at the extremes of their range of movement.  Where a single person is using an anchor point, it’s recommended that the minimum breaking strength of the anchor point should be equivalent to three times the user’s body mass and where several users are to be connected to the same anchor point, the recommended minimum breaking point should be equivalent to at least three times the combined body mass of the users.  This means that if an anchor point is used by three users, each with a body mass of 100kg, the minimum static breaking strength should be equivalent to 3 x 100 x 3 = 900kg.

Here at Safety Fabrications we the following products in our Ascent™ structural anchor posts range:

  • Ascent™ Fall Protection Posts – which are designed to be used with cable based fall protection systems.  These are specifically designed for attachment to a reinforced concrete background and this range includes 9 standard posts, including end, corner and intermediate posts.  Each is available in small, medium and large and manufactured in accordance with British Standard requirements and are CE marked.

  • Ascent™ Abseil Posts – we offer these in both Mild (galvanised) steel and Stainless Steel in accordance with BS 7985:2013 Code of Practice for use with rope access methods for industrial purposes.  These posts are designed so that they can be used in conjunction with appropriate eyebolts in three differing configuration systems and they raise the eyebolts above the structural roof level.

  • Ascent™ Davits for Fall protection and Abseil – these are manufactured in both Mild (galvanised) steel and Aluminium in accordance with the BS Code of Practice and are suitable for use with rope access methods for industrial purposes.  

Because we understand that our customers have a wide range of requirements when it comes to anchor posts, we also offer a bespoke service and will manufacture posts to your individual design for attachment to a wide range of structural backgrounds, including masonry, structural timber and structural steelwork.  Our wide range of posts is designed to offer solutions for differing loads while our abseil access posts can be individually attached or used for the fixing of an abseil rail. We also supply weathering caps to fit our fall protection posts, which will protect them from adverse weather conditions.

In fact, we’re proud to reveal that our structural anchor posts were chosen to be installed on the roof of the Snowdon Mountain Café on top of Snowdon, making these the highest fall protection posts in the UK.