Access Solutions for Warehouses

Access Solutions for Warehouses

02nd April 2019

The rapid increase in online shopping combined with the fact that Brexit is approaching fast has resulted in an increase in warehousing here in the UK and there are currently around £3 billion worth of contracts in place for the construction of more industrial warehouses in the near future.  With a continuous increase in demand for consumer goods and the importance attached to delivery speed, businesses across Britain are looking for storage space which enables them to compete on a level playing field. 

Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, etc. and they’re usually located in large buildings on industrial parks on the outskirts of our towns and cities. 

Warehouses will usually have a loading dock to load and unload goods from delivery trucks, though some (in specific locations) are designed for loading and unloading directly from seaports, airports and railways.  Warehouses often use forklift trucks or cranes for moving goods around (usually on pallets) and store goods in a variety of ways.  Warehouses are often large enough to allow goods to be stored at height, which means that handling these goods will involve working at height in order to access them.

This often means that warehouse staff are required to work at height which has resulted in the warehouse being one of the riskier places in which to work.  In fact, the warehouse industry experiences a high number of fatal accidents, many of which involve a fall from height of some sort.

Warehousing work activities present a range of health and safety risks and, if these are not adequately controlled, they can lead to injuries and illnesses at the very least.  It’s the responsibility of a warehouse owner or manager to implement and maintain safety procedures so that workers are protected from hazards and are able to carry out their work activities safely. 

Here at Safety Fabrications, we design access solutions for working at height, including a range of step units, stairs, and companionway ladders which are suitable for gaining access to high shelving.  Many of our access products are delivered in a flat pack format, ready to be installed onsite without the need for any specialist tools or training. 

Because these access solutions are comprised of a standard range of components, with the ability for onsite adjustment that provides users with a flexible access solution in so many different applications, providing users with a bespoke solution for their particular requirements. 

All of our access products are available in either mild steel, galvanised steel or aluminium and are manufactured in accordance with the appropriate British Standards and are CE Marked in order to comply with UK legislation.