7 Secrets to Increase Employee Engagement in Workplace Health and Safety

7 Secrets to Increase Employee Engagement in Workplace Health and Safety

10th October 2014

If you’re an employer or manager who is looking at ways of improving your health and safety performance, then who better to collaborate with than your workforce?  Studies have shown that employee involvement is crucial for success and actually enhances productivity to boot.  Communication skills are a must for positive relationships between employers and employees and this is never more so than when health and safety in the workplace is involved.

Here are some creative tips for increasing employee engagement in your workplace:

  1. Be patient – developing a positive relationship with your workforce may take some time, but don’t let that put you off.  If you or your workers are not used to this type of culture, it is not likely to happen instantly and will need a little nurturing from both sides.
  2. Let your workforce know why you want to involve them and let them know what is expected from them.  Explain that you want to improve health and safety in the workplace for their benefit as well as for your own.  Ask them to work with you on this so that you can be a better place to work.
  3. Be accessible and visible as much as possible – walk around and talk to your workforce – let them take it in turn to join you on regular safety walks around the premises.  Make sure that they know they can talk to you if necessary about any concerns they may have about the workplace.
  4. Run an employee opinion survey and make sure you act on suggestions quickly where possible – your employees will see that you’re serious about worker involvement and that it is as much for their benefit as for the benefit of the business.
  5. Always give feedback when employees have taken the trouble to make a suggestion.  Even if it’s something that you cannot implement, say sorry and let the person know why.  Always remember to thank them for the suggestion.
  6. Make sure that any managers are supporting and enabling the worker involvement culture.
  7. Engage your staff at all levels and make sure that any joint health and safety committees are comprised of a balanced mix of employee representatives and managers.

Getting your employees on board with helping to improve health and safety in their work environment will have a great effect on your business.  Staff members who feel listened to feel valued and are likely to be happier at work due to this fact.  A happier workforce is a more productive workforce.  A more productive workforce is more cost effective and leads to an increase in profits which is surely the best thing for any business.