5 Effective and Cheap Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

5 Effective and Cheap Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

22nd October 2019

Winter is fast approaching, and the temperatures are about to take a dip. Keeping your house warm can be quite a challenge. Especially if it’s a bit old, built before most of the building standards we have today were introduced. Does this mean you’ll have no otherwise but to stay cold or spend several pounds in heating bills? Absolutely not. There are several cheap and effective DIY ways you can adopt to stay warm this winter. Read on to learn five of such worthy strategies.  

1.    Insulate Your Loft and Walls
According to Energy Trust Fund, the heat loss through the roof for uninsulated lofts usually accounts for about a quarter of your total heating costs. This means you can save up to 25% of your heating costs by insulating your loft - usually requires between 250-270 millimeters of insulation. Uninsulated walls can also result in about a third of the total heat loss. While you may have to dig a bit deeper into your finances to insulate both the loft and cavity walls, it will be worth it as you can save up to £160 a year in heating costs. 
When installing the insulation, especially for your loft, be very keen on your safety. Any work at height requires relevant fall protection, such as safety ladders or scaffolding. Ensure to also check for the condition and proper set-up of the fall protection systems before you begin.  

2.    Make Good Use of Your Curtains
Take advantage of the free heat you can get from the sun - it’s the best furnace you can get. Ensure to open the curtains on your south-facing windows to allow the sun’s radiant heat through. 
But immediately after dusk, ensure to keep your curtains completely closed. The curtains will act as an insulator to prevent heat absorbed during the day from escaping, hence saving you a lot on the heating costs.    

3.    Focus on Keeping You Warm Vs. the House
Why heat up the whole house when you’ll be staying in one room at a time? Ensure to focus on keeping yourself warm Vs. heating the whole house. Get some hot coffee or tea, put on warm pullovers & socks, and have a warm blanket in your living room when watching the TV or catching up with your family. A programmable thermostat can also come in handy as you’ll control the heating temperature and time according to your schedule and needs.  

4.    Mind Your Wood Burning Flame
This can be a great idea for a chilly evening, especially when spending some quality time with your loved ones. It’s one of the cheapest methods you can use to keep warm during cold periods.  
As you heat the room with the fireplace, however, the heated air will keep rising and escape through the gaps on the roof. Consequently, cold air will force its way to the other rooms through any gap(s) it can find to replace the rising warm air. This is referred to as the stack effect. To combat this effect, ensure to seal the gaps in the roof, doors, windows, and the drywall, except for the ventilation vents. You can also use a fireplace glass front to prevent the heat from escaping once the flames go out.  

5.    Use a Humidifier
Studies show that the presence of moisture in the air makes the surrounding warmer. Installing an inexpensive humidifier in your home can help you stay warm by raising humidity levels to warm the room(s) up. Besides, with a humidifier, you’ll only need to set your thermostat low, and you can save a significant amount on heating costs at the end of the month.