Mild Steel Walkway

Ascentâ„¢Mild Steel Walkway

The walkway is designed to create a level anti-slip walkway surface for pedestrian & maintenance traffic in and about buildings.

The Ascent walkway system is ideal when creating roof top access in, over and around items of Mechanical & Electrical plant such as Pipework, Cable Trays & Ductwork. The walkways ability to clear span upto 5.6m allows safe access to be created upon heavily congested roof areas.

The Ascent Mild Steel walkway system is a modular walkway system which is designed to be self-supporting. The walkway is formed from a modular framework which allows it to achieve un-supported spans of up to 5.6m with a handrail load 0.76 KN. 

The walkway can be supplied with Adjustable Rubber spreader feet to allow it to sit onto a flat roof or floor. It can accommodate a range of heights allowing it to clear roof top plant & ducting or other obstructions – in doing so allowing it to be used as either a maintenance or fire escape walkway. 
It can also be suspended / supported on cantilever brackets to create a suspended walkway system.