Handrails and Guardrails

Handrail / Guardrail

We manufacture a range of bespoke handrail /guardrail solutions in mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel. They can be finished to suit your requirements; painted, galvanized, powder coated, brush or polished finish.

There are numerous manufacturers offering freestanding and fixed modular handrail / guardrail systems and the majority of our customers already have established relationships with these providers. Where we come in is when the customer requires a bespoke handrail solution. 
As we already manufacture a large quantity of handrail for use with our step, stair and ladder units, expansion into bespoke handrails /guardrails was a natural progression. 

Whilst the product will be bespoke to your requirements you can rest assured that it will be manufactured under the strict quality controls as all our Ascent products; in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2005 and BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and will be CE marked. Thus, allowing you to meet the requirements of the Construction Product Regulations. (CPR) 

Examples of our handrails / guardrails are;   
The Wine Society – the requirement was for a freestanding solution that would not penetrate the green roof, that would follow the curvature of the building and whilst been visually unobtrusive would complement the overall aesthetics. We feel our freestanding, powder coated mild steel solution as shown right does just that.
Ascent Fall Protection Post
Heathrow Terminal T2A – eyebrow handrail -The clients requirement for a non-penetrative aluminium guardrail sounded pretty straight forward. However, maintaining a consistent plumb vertical upright, parallel with the glazing bar, on a roof that curves in 3 dimensions was always going to be challenging. The clients excellent design solution was soon proto-typed in our fabrication shop and a mock up delivered to site. With customer approval achieved we were then ready to start production. The result can be seen below or on the roof of T2A if you are ever jetting off from the airport.  
Ascent Aluminium Walkways
To a freestanding step unit
It is a requirement of the Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) 2005 that any fall no matter how big must be considered a hazard and assessed as such. This has led to the retro-fitting of handrails to numerous “Up and Over” step units. Some of these may be less than 1m high, but a fall from them could result in injury. We produce a handrail that can be easily retro fitted to such “Up & Over” steps.
Ascent Up and Over Stair
At the head of a ladder
It is one thing to provide access to an upper level using a hooped access ladder or one fitted with another form of fall protection. However if the end user is exposed to a fall hazard once at the top of the ladder this needs to be addressed. It is accepted that the worker is in a safe zone if he is 2m+ from the fall hazard. This can be achieved at the head of a ladder by creating a “corridor” of handrail leading from the head of the ladder into the safe zone on the roof top, We manufacture a handrail that can be easily retro fitted to the majority of existing ladders. Or combined within the design of a new ladder.