Snowden Mountain Café


Customers brief:
To provide Structural Anchor posts for the UK’s highest fall protection system. The system which is installed upon the roof of Hafod Eryri – Snowdon Mountain Café,– designed by Architect Ray Hole sits atop Snowdon Mountain at 1085m (3560Ft) and is the highest fall protection system in Britain.
Given the systems exposure to the elements only the best materials could be used.
The customer required a structural anchor post designed with minimal visual impact to withstand both a fall arrest situation and the ravages of the Welsh mountain weather.

What we supplied:
We worked with the customer to supply, end, corner and intermediate posts fabricated in 316 stainless steel. The posts were sized to allow them to maintain a constant height above the curved roof. Each post is fabricated to allow a Latchway Mansafe component to be easily affixed to its head.
Each post had to be shipped to Llanberis at the foot of the mountain from where it was then transported to the mountain top café on the only surviving rack & pin railway in the UK.