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What You Need to Know About Reviewing Your Workplace Safety Procedures

19 November 2020

Regular review of your workplace safety protocols is vital due to the thousands of work-related accident cases reported every year across different workplaces. It is an integral aspect of worker health and safety in the workplace. Your review should focus on how well your workforce gets furnished with accident prevention awareness and the capacity of your current system to keep your business and workers safe. We’ve prepared a list of the essential items that you may consider for your workplace safety reviews.


Incredible Reasons for Dropping Cars from Great Heights

18 November 2020

What kind of reason could anyone possibly have for dropping a car to Earth from a great height? The following examples show us that there are more reasons for doing this than you probably think.

Volvo Drop Cars to Simulate Crashes

When the safety experts at Volvo want to see what a crashed car looks like they don’t carry out a crash of their own. Instead, they drop a vehicle multiple times from a height of 30 metres, to simulate the effect of an extreme crash as closely as possible.


The UK’s Construction Industry Is Congratulated for Adapting

18 November 2020

Alok Sharma MP, who is the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has congratulated the British construction industry for adapting during a difficult year. He pointed out in a letter his “admiration” for the work that they are carrying out during 2020.

More Details of the Letter


Efficient Ways to Prevent Chemical Exposures in Your Workplace

17 November 2020

Workers risk exposure any time they work with hazardous chemicals. Among the jobs that might expose workers to hazardous chemicals hence causing various health effects, or worse, death includes the chemical plants, factories, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Preventing exposure to these chemicals is the most effective way of ensuring the safety of employees and clients handling the chemicals. Below are some of the most effective protective measures that you can implement to prevent exposures. Please read on.


  1. Proper Knowledge


Importance of Contractor Vetting in Communication Tower Safety

12 November 2020

Common risks and hazards of communication tower projects include struck-by hazards, structural collapses, falls, and hoisting and rigging practices. For so many years now, there has been conflicting information about who should be responsible for employees’ safety in such environments, especially if multiple contractor layers are involved. This article contains what you need to know about contractor vetting as an important tool to establish and maintain communication tower safety.


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