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Contractor or Employee – Which is Best for your Construction Company?

16 January 2019

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been taking a look at the differences between contractors and employees in the construction industry and listed the benefits that can be brought to your business by hiring a contractor, rather than employing a worker to do a specific job or part of a job.  Today, as promised, we’ll be taking a look at the


Construction Ructions – DIY Disasters

15 January 2019

When it comes to getting jobs done around the house, it can be difficult knowing what to do and who will be able to help.   It barely seems worth hiring somebody to do the smaller, fiddly jobs, but if you don’t have the know-how to do it yourself, many homeowners just learn to live with inconvenient little problems.


Architects are Building a Case for a Better Brexit

14 January 2019

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has called on the UK government to make some “drastic” reforms to Britain’s post-Brexit immigration system, claiming that access to overseas talent is essential for success in future.  RIBA has made 18 separate recommendations in its 30 page report, Powered by People, in a bid to mitigate the detrimental effects Brexit is likely to have on the already serious skills shortage faced by the construction industry in 21st Century Britain.


The Main Construction Industry Challenges for 2019

10 January 2019

As we look back on the thrills and spills of the past year, we’ve seen several issues that have had a serious impact on the construction industry here in the UK.  The collapse of Carillion in January, the publication of the Hackitt Report and the tempering of growth predictions for the UK construction industry seem to pale into insignificance when compared with the continuing uncertainty over what we can expect post Brexit.  Industry insiders currently claim that one of the most challenging issues facing British builders will be to deliver enough quality housing to meet the government’s pro


New Rules for Housing and Infrastructure

09 January 2019

Minister of State for Housing, Kit Malthouse recently launched a consultation outlining the government’s plans to help speed up delivery of new homes with the introduction of new developer contribution rules.  Several new rules have been proposed that are designed to help fund new roads, schools, play parks and other essential infrastructure projects. 


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