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Saving your Skin in the Construction Sector – Part Three

14 November 2018

Over the past few weeks we’ve been warning our readers about the dangers of occupational skin disorders (OSDs), a topic about which health and safety experts around the UK are currently raising awareness.  We’ve already brought you some information on the types of skin problems that can be caused in the workplace, followed by advice for construction company employers on the importance of com


Questioning Safety on Site

13 November 2018

According to Andrew Sharman, the CEO of a global consultancy specialising in safety behaviour, culture and leadership, the new rule of safety is to question everything!  He believes that despite the sophisticated frameworks, complex charts and strategic performance indicators which are designed to allow leaders and organisations to strive towards safety excellence, safety strategies depend on total integrations with people at all levels of any company in order to be effective. 


Is your Home Ready for Winter?

12 November 2018

We’ve reached that time of year again – the clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in, and winter is well on its way to the UK.  Hallowe’en has come and gone, Bonfire Night has fizzled away like a damp squib.  It’s colder, gloomier, rainier - and the baking hot summer is fast becoming a distant memory as the Christmas Season approaches.  It’s time to make sure your home is ready to bear the brunt of the harsh winter weather.  Here are some tips you can use to make sure your house is fit to withstand the rigours of coming months.


Sustainable Design – A Business Opportunity for Construction Companies

08 November 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications we’ve long been an advocate of sustainable development as the construction industry helps to address the requirements of the British public facing the 21st Century.  Our government is committed to building 200,000 new homes every year in a bid to solve the housing crisis that the UK is currently in the grip of.  Last week, we reported on the Gateshead Innovation Village, an exciting live project which is testing using a mix of traditional and modular homes boasting smart tech


Saving your Skin in the Construction Sector – Part Two

07 November 2018

Last week we brought our readers some information on occupational skin disorders (OSDs), a subject that’s currently being highlighted by health and safety experts across the UK.  The construction industry is one of the sectors whose workers are deemed most at risk from skin disorders resulting from the type of work they do, so today we have some advice for construction company employers on the importance of combating occupational skin disorders.


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