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The Most Memorable Ladder Scenes from Classic TV Comedies

20 February 2020

Some of our favourite television shows have used ladders to add some drama and fun to their episodes. The following are some unforgettable moments where the characters get into problems while using a ladder.

Only Fools and Horses – A Crashing Chandelier

The Trotter family moved into the chandelier-cleaning business in A Touch of Glass, the final episode of season 2. By this point, it was a much-loved series and 10 million viewers tuned in to see this classic episode in December 1982. Overall, it is the most watched British TV series of all time.


The Exciting History of Ladders in Video Games

19 February 2020

Video games are now a huge part of life, with more than 1.2 billion gamers dotted across the planet. If we look back through the history of these games, we can see that ladders have popped up time and again in crucial moments.  

The Early Ladder-Based Platform Games

Many of the earliest PC games were platform adventures. This meant climbing ladder to move around the screen. One of the earliest examples comes with Donkey Kong, where the main character had to work his way up through a construction site to save the damsel in distress.


Snow on Rooftops: When is it Necessary to Remove and How Can it be Removed Safely

18 February 2020

If you’re living in a snow-prone area, you can relate to the challenges experienced with clearing off of the walkways and driveways. But snow usually builds up on the rooftop, as well. So, when can you tell it’s time to remove the snow on your rooftop, and what steps should you take for safe removal? Please read on.

Is it Necessary?


Passive Vs. Active Fall Systems: What’s the Difference?

17 February 2020

Falls from heights remain the biggest cause for concern as far as workplace injuries are concerned. It’s the responsibility of the safety officers and managers of all workplaces involving elevation or altitude to have an efficient fall safety program. However, fall safety systems are of two types: passive and active systems. This guide contains a detailed comparison between the two to help you decide the best choice for your workplace. Please read on.  

Passive Systems


Crazy Tricks and Stunts Using Ladders

13 February 2020

Life is more interesting when you have a ladder to hand. If you haven’t yet realised that then a look at these wild stunts and tricks will show how much fun you can have.

Water Skiing on Top of a Step Ladder

This video is one that has to be seen to believed. The star is brave LeRoy Wicklund, who decides to spice up the already exciting sport of water skiing through the unusual process of taking a step ladder out onto the water with him.


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