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European Standardisation: Key Players and Their Benefits

12 September 2019

The European Union recognizes three bodies: CEN, CENELEC, and ETSI as European Standardisation Organisations (ESO) in charge of developing and publishing European Standards aimed at supporting the implementation of various European policies and EU Directives. These standards have several benefits for different consumers, workers, businesses, and researchers. Each of these ESO bodies have specific roles and responsibilities, as explained below. Please read on.


Loft Conversion: Important Questions to Ask Before Commencing

10 September 2019

Do you have some extra space on your top floor and would want to convert it into something useful? Well, loft conversion has potential gains that you can enjoy by increasing the square footage of your house. However, there are important factors you should consider before commencing your project. Below are some of the common and most crucial questions to ask yourself prior to beginning the process. 


Safety Harnesses: What You Need to Know

05 September 2019

About two decades ago, fall protection merely consisted of just a body belt - and was hardly worn. In the event of a fall, when the forces exerted on the body becomes too great, the body belt could concentrate the forces into the victim’s waist, snapping them in half. While this snapping helped reduce the extent of the outcome, it was not the desired fall event outcome. And this is where safety harnesses come in; to protect you in a fall as much as possible. But how, exactly, do they accomplish this? Well, get the full details below.


Popular Roofing Materials You Can Use on Your New Build

03 September 2019

When it comes to building your new commercial or housing property, the material of your roof is as important as the property itself. So many factors have to be factored in; the unit cost, durability, design, slope of the roof, and insulation, among other factors. There are a variety of roofing materials available, but some are better suited for your property than others. Below is a list of some of the most common roofing materials with a detailed explanation of why they can be your best option. Please read on.



Building Your Own House: Tips to Finding a Perfect House Location

30 August 2019

Congratulations! You’re about to fulfil one of the most rewarding projects in your life - building your own home. When it comes to the location of your new house, there are many factors that you need to consider. This is a big decision requiring proper planning before you can get started. You want to do everything right the first time. This piece contains all you need to know before you get started. Please read on.


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