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Construction Safety and Vehicles

21 May 2018

There are more than three million people in the UK who work on or near vehicles every day as part of their jobs.  With logistics and freight companies loading and unloading heavy packages on a daily basis, accidents and injuries are fairly common.  While many people would think that regularly working on loading and unloading vehicles does not involve work at height, nothing could be further from the truth.  If there is work being carried out at any height where somebody could fall a distance likely to cause personal injury, a range of precautions must be taken in order to avoid risks. 


DIY Exterior Painting – How to Check your Ladder is Safe

17 May 2018

Ladder safety is always an important consideration whether during domestic use or use in industry.  Choosing the right ladder for the job and using it correctly is vital in order to minimise the risk of an accident.


Future Trends – the Construction Industry in 2018

16 May 2018

The construction industry is evolving, thanks to some exciting new trends, exciting developments and innovative materials and methods of working.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the trends that we’ll be seeing more of over the coming year as our sector modernises for the 21st Century.


BREEAM – What’s it all About

15 May 2018

BREEAM is an international imitative that provides third party certification of the assessment of sustainability performance of individual buildings, communities and infrastructure projects.  The assessment and certification can be carried out at a number of stages in the built environment lifecycle from design and construction through to operation and refurbishment. 


‘Elf and Safety Gone Mad – We’re Lucky to Have Legislation and Enforcement in the UK.

14 May 2018

Here in the UK, we’re a nation of wry comics and we like nothing better than to poke fun at ourselves.  This is particularly obvious when it comes to our attitude towards health and safety, with many of us bemoaning ‘elf and safety gone mad!  We’re constantly on the lookout for activities that have been banned or curtailed in recent times due to health and safety legislation.  Who can forget the “ban” on playing conkers in the autumn or recent advice that kids shouldn’t climb trees?  We look back fondly on the days when we were free to take gambles with our lives (and often lucky enough to


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