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The D-marc™ 105 wind resistant demarcation Barrier system is a Collective Protection demarcation barrier system for flat roof applications designed to prevent access to hazards during regular roof top maintenance.

The D-i.D.™ tag system is an Identification tag holder & insert for the marking / tagging of items which require regular compliance testing & identification. The tag holder is designed to encapsulate the tag insert & protect it from the weathers ensuring that the testing information shown is always visible & tamper proof.

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What We Do

Wherever roof access is required, designers are tasked with creating a safe route to and from the place of work. Following the hierarchy of safety collective protection measures should always be considered above individual fall protection solutions.

D-marc is classed as a form of Collective Demarcation Protection in accordance with the HSE's hierarchy of risk management as set out within the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR). The WAHR 2005 Part 3 illustrates the use of a demarcation system as an "example of taking other additional suitable and sufficient measures to prevent a fall''. The demarcation system is to be placed a safe distance from the fall hazard (normally >2m). Health and Safety Roofwork HSG33 states that "where work is not done at the edge, demarcation barriers can be provided at a safe distance from the edge (usually at least 2 metres). e.g. work on an air-conditioning unit in the middle of a roof."