Safety Ladders News Roundup – December 2017

Ladder safety hits the headlines on a regular basis here in Britain so we offer our readers a regular news roundup blog for safety ladders.  Once a month, one of our blog posts features a range of news stories from the past month that deal with ladders of all types.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  If you have any comments to add or news that you think we should cover, please get in touch with us by email or why not follow us on Facebook and

The Importance of Risk Assessments in Construction

For those who are called upon to supervise or plan work at height, the responsibility to identify and control risks is a very serious issue.  While a risk assessment is always a legal requirement, you only need to record the risk assessment if you have five or more employees, though we would recommend always recording a risk assessment as a matter of best practice.  During a risk assessment you need to think carefully about what might cause injury or harm to workers and visitors and then take reasonable steps to either eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level, which means identif

Training for the Future of the Construction Industry

Here at Safety Fabrication we’re always interested in developments that affect the construction industry, particularly when it comes to training and education.  We like to bring news of this type to the attention of our readers as it’s only by promoting the type of education necessary for a career in construction that we’re going to solve the skills crisis that the sector currently faces.  We’ve written about the apprenticeship scheme several times, keeping our readers up to date with what’s going on, the benefits of taking on an apprentice, etc.  Over recent weeks, we’ve been covering the

How to Spot Santa in the Skies this Christmas

In 2015, the International Space Station (ISS) thrilled children across the UK with a pass over on Christmas Eve that had families across the land standing outside, gazing at the skies and watching “Santa” meander his merry way, taking care of deliveries down chimneys all over the land.  Unfortunately, this year, the ISS won’t be visible from the UK on Christmas Eve, but “Santa” will be flying this week and here’s how to see him up until December 19th.

Clean, Green Construction – Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

If you’re a regular reader of the Safety Fabrications blog, then you’re sure to know that we’re always on the lookout for new developments within the construction industry.  In the past we’ve covered new technology in materials (particularly in bricks and concrete) and construction methods (innovative methods such as inflation and modular building).  In recent years we’ve all become aware of the need for sustainability when it comes to building – climate change seems to be upon us already and the sooner we adopt greener and more sustainable practices in all areas of life, the better it will

Be Prepared for Construction Industry Severe Weather Hazards

We’ve had some pretty severe weather conditions over the past few weeks here in the UK.  Storm Caroline came roaring in on high winds, blanketing many parts of the country with snow.  Some areas just enjoyed a little light snowfall that dusted the fields and trees with a Christmassy frost, while other areas had several inches dumped in the space of a few hours!  However much snow fell in your area, it makes driving a hazard, even in the places that had the lightest snowfall.  It’s all moisture on the ground and, once the temperatures drop, can turn into ice, making driving conditions partic