The Construction Industry Goes Green with Ecobuild

Many of us here in the construction industry will have been following the news on the recent Ecobuild exhibition and conference, Britain’s foremost event for forward thinking professionals in the built environment.  Thousands of senior level decision makers were in attendance at the exhibition which took place at London’s ExCel Centre to meet industry movers and shakers.  The Ecobuild 2017 Conference featured speakers on a wide range of subjects, including the contentious issue of offsite construction. 

Safety on the Scaffold

A scaffolding tower is the perfect access solution for work that needs to be done at height and is a much more convenient method of access than a ladder.  A scaffold allows workers to work freely without balancing on a ladder and also has room for all the tools and equipment necessary for the task at hand.  Scaffolding towers are ideal for jobs like painting and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor work.  When working in a stairwell, a scaffolding tower is much safer and easier to use than a ladder.

In Search of Barbra the Builder!

Last week we reported on the dearth of women working in the construction industry and discovered that a mere 13% of young girls would consider taking up a career in our sector.  The main reason for this is that the industry seems to hold no appeal for young girls and they believe that they would face too many barriers when it comes to making progress with the

Benefits for Construction Companies of Offering Work Experience Placements

Last week we took a look at the Construction Youth Trust’s latest initiative, #ExperienceConstruction which is aimed at promoting work experience within the construction industry in the hope that more building companies will offer one week placements to youngsters who want to see what it’s like to work within our sector.  Due to the burgeoning skills shortage face by the U

This is a Man’s World (But it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl)

Last week saw us celebrating International Women’s Day across the globe so in a bid to bring the construction industry into the 21st Century, this article is all about women in construction – or, more accurately, about the dire lack of women in the sector.  A government report on employment published last year revealed that there are so few female workers in the construction industry that the government can’t provide estimates for the individual trades within the construction sector as a whole.  Accordin

Supporting Construction Youth Trust with #ExperienceConstruction

The construction industry offers a wide range of careers to youngsters whether they are of an academic inclination or of a more practical, hands on bent.  However, it seems that so many schoolchildren today are not aware of all the different roles within the industry, especially youngsters who have no contact with anybody working in the sector.  Building magazine has been working in collaboration with the Construction Youth Trust in a bid to rectify the situation with an initiative dubbed #ExperienceConstruction.

Safety Inspections – Stay Ahead of the Game!

Following the introduction of the new sentencing guidelines last year, safety experts are predicting that we’re likely to see an increase in company directors facing prosecution for health and safety offences (the number trebled last year!).  Here in the UK businesses can be prosecuted for a risk in the workplace, even if an accidents has not occurred as a result of that risk.   This means that there’s a new urgency when it comes to health and safety inspections – can you afford to not get it right?  Today we’re going to take a look at how you can stay ahe

Doing it Differently – Safety Audits

Just over a year ago, the UK Health and Safety Executive Recruitment Network, in collaboration with SHP Magazine took part in a round table discussion to explore the “Safety Differently” strategy that was developed by John Green during his time with construction giant, Laing O’Rourke in Australia.  Last week we took a look at Safety Differently and how it relates to safety – today, as promised, we’re going to take a look at doing safety audits differently.

Spotlight on Safety When Working at Height

Working at height is always a risky business, no matter what access equipment or safety equipment you use.  Here at Safety Fabrications we pride ourselves on the fact that we manufacture access equipment to the highest possible standard, this is demonstrated by the CE Marking that all of our products bear.  The biggest risk, obviously, is a fall and this is likely to occur as a result of human error.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the measures and precautions that you can take to make sure that you’re less likely to be at risk of a fall when

How to Spot the Symptoms of Stress in Construction Workers

Last week we brought out readers an article all about work related stress in the construction industry.  This is a subject that we’ll be hearing much more about as the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is focusing on mental wellbeing in the workplace and has published a strategy plan to deal with stress and reduce the number of new cases of ill health that are stress related.  We British are used to maintaining a stiff upper lip – it’s long been a part of our national culture to put on a brave face and keep it to ourselves when we’re suffering from stress of any type.  We tend to see men