Mates in Mind in the Construction Industry

Here at Safety Fabrications we have a vested interest in health and safety, after all we’re in the business of providing safe access equipment to a range of industries, including the construction industry.  While we usually concentrate on the safety aspect of “health and safety”, we also recognise the importance of promoting health in the workplace.  In the past we’ve covered stories on the significance of mental health issues, including the Time to Change Employer Pledge and how to

Ladder Wise Leads to Ladder Safety

This coming week (and every other week for that matter), somebody in the UK is likely to die after falling from a ladder.  Most of these deaths are completely avoidable and campaigners continue to ensure that we are all aware of the safety issues involved when using ladders.  Those who use ladders in work will need to undergo the requisite training to ensure that the risks are minimised.  There is a legal requirement for all employers to make sure that their employees are fully trained to use all the equipment used during their work.  Ladder safety training is an essential part of working i

Innovation Station – Kansai International Airport

A while ago we published a fascinating article on the world’s tallest building to date following a trip to Dubai by one of our team members.  We found the article so interesting that we decided to look for some more tall or unusual buildings to entertain our readers.  Thus we now include a regular Innovation Station article on our blogroll for our readers to enjoy.  While most of us probably work on more mundane projects, it’s always fun (to say nothing of an educational experience) to take a look at som

If Heineken Made Bricks . . . . Oh, Hang on a Minute!

Last week we took a look at “bottle-bricks” – one of the latest crazes with innovative DIY-ers who are determined to bring the beauty of stained glass into their homes and gardens without having to hire an expensive stained glass artist.  It’s also a great method of recycling empty glass bottles, keeping them out of landfill and repurposing them in order to add decorative highlights to their homes in an eco-friendly way.  They look good and they’re good for the environment too.  Instructions and how-tos abound on the internet as people share their creativity with others, with loads of YouTu

New Standard for Portable Roof Ladders

There’s a new draft British Standard 8634 specifying the requirements for portable roof ladders designed solely for providing temporary access to pitched roofs between 25° and 65° for short duration, low risk tasks.  This Standard is designed to cover the following types of ladder:

·         Single section roof ladders

·         Extending roof ladders

·         Roof ladders with hinged joints (also known as articulated ladders)

·         Roof ladders with telescopic joints

·         Multi-part ladders (also known as sectional ladders)

The History of Accidents in the Film Industry (continued)

Following a recent news story on some accidents in the film industry involving Tom Cruise breaking an ankle on the set of Mission: Impossible 6 and the death of a stunt motorcyclist filming Walking Dead, we decided to take a look at the history of accidents in the film industry.  Last week, we covered the early days of filming from the first recorded death in 1914 right through the 1960s after which the list of accidents increased quite radically, probably as a result of the burgeoning number of new films that are ma

Compliance – Getting it Right for Work at Height

While compliance with health and safety regulations is a legal requirement for any employer, seeing compliance as the ultimate aim can be somewhat limiting.  Going above and beyond the requirement for compliance can bring many advantages to businesses and employers.  A more ambitious, performance based approach to managing health and safety impacts and risks may seem costly, but the benefits will probably far outweigh these costs in the long term.

The History of Accidents in the Film Industry

Last week we reported on a couple of recent accidents in the film industry, notably that Hollywood star Tom Cruise broke an ankle on the set of the latest Mission: Impossible 6 and a more serious incident in which a motor bike stunt rider was killed during the filming of  Walking Dead.  Today we’re going to take a closer look at the long history of accidents within the film and television industry.  Stunt work accounts for more than half of all film-related injuries, with an average of five deaths for every 2,000 inj

Safety Ladders News Roundup – August, 2017

Ladder safety is regularly in the news here in the UK and the Safety Fabrications team keeps fully up to date with what’s going on in the world of ladders so that we can provide our readers with a regular news roundup blog for safety ladders.  Once a month, one of our blog posts deals with news stories from the past month that feature ladders of any kind.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by adding your comments on our Facebook page, tweet to us on