Stop Cutting the Red Tape

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower we’ve seen so many news reports looking for somewhere to lay the blame and so many people have chipped in their opinions that it’s difficult to apportion the responsibility for the way in which the fire took hold so quickly.  It’s become patently obvious that the main reason that the fire spread throughout the tower block so rapidly was the type of cladding used on the outside of the building.  However, it seems that there were other reasons that so many people lost their lives after becoming trapped in the blazing inferno – there were no sprinkle

How to Stay Safe When Cleaning Conservatory Roof

It’s official, summer is definitely here in the UK, whatever the weather is like outside.  For those of us with conservatories, keeping the roof clean can be a bit of a challenge – it’s a difficult place to access and often ends up really dirty after the harsh winters we get here in the UK.  This past winter has been particularly severe, so your conservatory roof may have taken a bit of a battering and ended up needing more cleaning than usual and perhaps a little maintenance too.  Because falls from ladders are one of the most common causes of accidents here in the UK, we’ve put together s

Accident Investigation – How to Get it Right

Today we’re going to take a detailed look at what to do when there’s an accident in the workplace, taking a look at your obligations and what can be done to ensure that a similar accident doesn’t happen again.   A thorough accident investigation will help you to understand the fundamental reason why the accident happened, as well as its immediate cause.  This will help you to make the necessary improvements to help prevent accidents occurring in the future.  It will also enable you to improve your safety culture and, by gathering all the relevant information, it can be used in the event of

Thinking About a Career in the Construction Industry? | Step Unit

Until recent years, a career in the construction industry meant spending your working life as a hands on builder.  Nowadays, things have changed and the construction industry is a great sector for youngsters with prospects galore!  Construction Management is an attractive career option for anybody starting out within the industry and here’s what you need to know if you think Construction Management is for you.

A Degree in Construction

Action Mesothelioma Day 2017

Last week on July 7th it was Action Mesothelioma Day 2017, a day designated to raise awareness of the disease and raise funds for vital research.  Mesothelioma is a cancer that mostly affects the lungs and it’s caused by inhaling asbestos fibres.  At present there is no cure for this disease which claims the lives of an average of 2.500 a year here in the UK (which is the country worst affected by mesothelioma) and many more around the world.  Despite the fact that asbestos use has been banned here in the UK since the 1990 and new builds since that date don’t contain the deadly s

Safety Harness Dos and Don’ts around the World

When it comes to working at height, safety is the main issue as this is one of the most dangerous types of work you can do.  Whether it’s working on rooftops, on scaffold, on ladders, on work platforms – there is always a significant risk and paying attention to safety is essential at all times.  There are different types of safety solutions for different types of work at a variety of locations.  If work at height can be avoided and the tasks carried out from ground level, this is always the preferred option.  However, often it’s the case that the work does need to be done at height using a

Soapboxes and Ladders at Speaker’s Corner

In our monthly News Roundup blogpost last week, we briefly reported that speakers at London’s famous Speakers’ Corner were ordered to get down from their ladders and soapboxes amid concerns about health and safety.  We thought we’d take a more detailed look at this situation as both ladders and health and safety issues are subjects that are close to our heart here at Safety Fabrications.

Innovation Station – Pearl River Tower

A while ago we published a fascinating article on the world’s tallest building to date following a trip to Dubai by one of our team members.  We found the article so interesting that we’ve decided to look for some more tall or unusual buildings to entertain our readers and include on our blogroll some regular Innovation Station articles.  While most of us probably work on more mundane projects, it’s always fun (to say nothing of an educational experience) to take a look at some of the cutting edge projec