News | February 2021

Your Complete Guide to Roof Washing: Hazards and Best Practices

26th February 2021

Roof washing may not be on your priority list for the better part of the year, but it can become necessary at some point in time. There are several factors that may make you want to clean your roof. Energy-efficient roofs are becoming more popular and washing them is necessary to ensure they remain as efficient as possible – algae, soot, dirt, and other residue build-ups could alter the functionality of these roofs.

Competent Person: Who is it and How Can You Become One?

24th February 2021

Perhaps you may have heard the phrase “competent person” before being used in different settings in reference to workplace health and safety. But what, exactly, does it mean and what do you need to become a competent person in your workplace?

Keeping Safety Ladders Safe During Covid-19

23rd February 2021

Those who work in the construction industry have long been aware for the need for safe working practices – after all, they often work with machinery and access equipment which means that safety at work is of paramount importance.

Here at Safety Fabrications, we know our readers and customers will need to put safety first at all times whilst working. Despite our stringent health and safety regulations here in the UK, working in construction, and working at height in particular, is still the main culprit when it comes to accidents in the workplace.

Plant Platform Solutions – Individually Tailored to Requirements

22nd February 2021

The construction industry brings to mind building – the building of homes, businesses, public amenities, etc., that are necessary in today’s modern world. Construction typically involves putting together a building for a specific use – such as a home, office building, factory, local authority offices, etc. However, construction involves so many other activities in so many differing situations. When it comes to access platforms, we typically think of platforms on scaffolding – allowing workers to reach the parts of a building or construction that present a challenge.

How Can a Good Safety Record be Beneficial to Your Business?

18th February 2021

Every employer has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their workforce. This requires a safe and healthy workplace where employee safety is a priority. A good safety record is a big factor in maintaining a safe work environment and creating a more productive culture. It documents adherence of an organisation to safety policies and procedures hence proving that the management and staff are in sync on an essential matter. This guide explains the importance of having a good safety record and how you can build one. Please read on.

Your Complete Online Guide to Conducting an Effective Gap Analysis: Part 2

17th February 2021

In our first part of this topic, we learned about the importance of performing a gap analysis, who needs to perform the analysis, the different types available, and the first step that you need to take to conduct a practical gap analysis. Please read on to learn more about other essential steps. 

Step 2: Analysing the Current State

Trust Me – I’m a CE Marked Fabrication!

16th February 2021

As a leading supplier of access equipment and fall protection products, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the solution they need, including bespoke access solutions.

Spotlight on Safety - Fall Protection Posts

15th February 2021

The cold weather we’ve been experiencing here in the UK this winter has brought with it an extra need for vigilance, especially for those who work outdoors. If there’s any work at height being undertaken, then taking extra care whilst doing so really is a must. Slipping and falling at ground level can cause bad enough injuries (particularly for us adults who’ve lost our ability to bounce in the way that kids do!). Falling from height, however, is likely to result in much more serious injury, with a life-changing impact in so many cases.

Your Complete Online Guide to Conducting an Effective Gap Analysis: Part 1

11th February 2021

Every business exists to grow and thrive in their industry. And every employer and manager has aspirations for their organisation. However, you may not always achieve your goals. When this is the case, you’ll need to perform a gap analysis to understand where your business is at the moment, where you want to go, and what you need to do to close the gap between your desired and actual outcomes.

New Year Best Approaches to Workplace Safety Audits

10th February 2021

The year is still new and almost every business intends to increase its general output and reach its full potential. This means maximising profits and minimising damage, loss, and injuries. One of the best ways to achieve this is by performing a workplace safety audit – an in-depth evaluation of the organisation’s safety framework.