News | January 2021

When Will Construction Workers Get the Covid-19 Vaccine?

28th January 2021

With the Covid-19 now getting rolled out across the planet, all eyes are turning to the dates when different sectors of the community can expect to receive this vital jab.

Phase 3 in the US

American authorities have classed people in the construction industry as “other essential workers”, meaning that they come in after “frontline essential workers” in terms of priority. Because of this classification, they can expect to receive the vaccine in the third phase of the rollout schedule.

New Health & Safety App Launched for Migrant Workers

27th January 2021

Communication issues can be a major factor in accidents at work, which means that a new app launched by the manufacturers’ organisation Make UK should prove to be extremely helpful.

The Full Story

This app was developed thanks to information from the country’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who pointed out that migrant workers are more at risk of suffering a serious accident or being killed at work.

Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Ladder in 2021

26th January 2021

The first months of the year are naturally used for stocktaking, re-evaluation, and making other plans for the year. Since ladders are essential equipment for most workplaces and home improvement, now is a great time to think about whether you need to buy a new ladder and exactly what type you need to buy. The following are key questions that you should ask yourself to ensure you’re making an informed purchase decision.

  1. Is the Current Equipment Fit For the Job?

Common Types of Active Fall Protection for the Construction Industry

25th January 2021

Fall protection can broadly be categorised into two major groups: active and passive fall protection. Passive controls require no interaction from the employee and are far safer than active controls. However, in construction, it will be very rare to see chances where contractors choose passive controls as the cost-effective or most preferred option.

Understanding and Achieving the Ideal Safety Inspections: Part 2

21st January 2021

In the first part of this topic, we learned about what ideal safety inspection is, when and how to conduct ideal inspections, and why employee involvement is very important. Today, we’re going to look at the ultimate ideal inspection checklist that you can consider during your safety inspections. Please read on.

  1. General Storage and Housekeeping

General storage and housekeeping practices are essential to prevent common avoidable workplace injuries and property damage. Consider the following during your inspection:

Essential Factors to Consider for an Effective PPE Program

20th January 2021

How frequently do you review your personal protective equipment (PPE) program? PPE is designed to minimize employee hazard exposure when administrative and engineering controls become infeasible and ineffective in reducing the exposure to acceptable levels. Periodical reviews of your PPE program are vital to ensure your program is up-to-date and PPE is working properly. Read on to learn more about the essential factors that you can implement for an effective PPE program.

Worries Over Workers Forced to Attend Non-Secure Workplaces

19th January 2021

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revealed that there are growing fears over the fact that employees are being asked to work on premises that aren’t Covid-compliant. This comes as they revealed that they received close to 3,000 complaints on safety matters in early January.

The Full Details

The HSE has confirmed that they were notified of 2,945 complaints about safety issues at work during the period from 6 to 14 January. They also stated that they have ramped up their effort to check the safety of workplaces and to support companies.

Unexpected Factors That Affect the World’s Metal Markets

18th January 2021

Like any commodity, a metal’s price will largely be determined by supply and demand. Yet, there are also some other factors that drive prices that you might not be aware of.

More Electric Bikes Means Lead Gets More Expensive

It used to be that winter in the Northern hemisphere marked the highest lead prices, as many people looked to replace their old car batteries. Lead is a crucial element in acid-lead batteries, so more demand for car batteries means that lead costs more.

Understanding and Achieving the Ideal Safety Inspections: Part 1

14th January 2021

What do you understand by the term ideal safety inspection? Is it the surprise visits from an inspector from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)? Or those inspections conducted following a safety incident? Or the scheduled inspections conducted as part of the safety audits? Well, it certainly isn’t any of the above. Ideal safety inspection refers to a routine that employers and the workforce faithfully observe and manage themselves. Employers need to be aware of everything about the workplace and the work being done in order to protect the workforce and prevent workplace accidents.

Workplace Discrimination: A Big Sensitive Compliance Risk

13th January 2021

Employers and supervisors face potential liability for workplace discrimination claims in almost every stage of employment interaction. Discrimination is a significant area of legal exposure that every employer and supervisors should avoid as much as possible. It is unfair and illegal to practice discrimination when hiring, firing, promoting, disciplining, or providing privileges to your workers. For instance, it’ll be unfair to provide quality, CE accredited fabrications to your permanent employees and uncertified and unsafe equipment to your temporary staff.