News | January 2021

Understanding and Achieving the Ideal Safety Inspections: Part 1

14th January 2021

What do you understand by the term ideal safety inspection? Is it the surprise visits from an inspector from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)? Or those inspections conducted following a safety incident? Or the scheduled inspections conducted as part of the safety audits? Well, it certainly isn’t any of the above. Ideal safety inspection refers to a routine that employers and the workforce faithfully observe and manage themselves. Employers need to be aware of everything about the workplace and the work being done in order to protect the workforce and prevent workplace accidents.

Workplace Discrimination: A Big Sensitive Compliance Risk

13th January 2021

Employers and supervisors face potential liability for workplace discrimination claims in almost every stage of employment interaction. Discrimination is a significant area of legal exposure that every employer and supervisors should avoid as much as possible. It is unfair and illegal to practice discrimination when hiring, firing, promoting, disciplining, or providing privileges to your workers. For instance, it’ll be unfair to provide quality, CE accredited fabrications to your permanent employees and uncertified and unsafe equipment to your temporary staff.

Incredible Facts About Earth’s Most Amazing Waterfalls

12th January 2021

Waterfalls are among the most spectacular creations of Mother Nature, but are you aware just how amazing they are? By looking at some of the most famous waterfalls on Earth, we can see what they are all about.

Victoria Falls – The Largest Curtain of Falling Water

Named after Queen Victoria but also known as The Smoke That Thunders and The Place of the Rainbow, Victoria Falls site on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Interestingly, it is classed as being the biggest waterfall, despite not being the tallest or widest.

How Could Coronavirus Change Health & Safety at Work?

11th January 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 saw a huge shift in how companies need to act to keep their workers safe from harm. While most people are waiting patiently for a return to their normal lives in 2021, it is becoming clear that this crisis could lead to long-term changes in how we manage health and safety at work. What are the main areas that have emerged in this respect?

Time to Consider New Options

How to Keep Older Workers Safe at Your Workplace

08th January 2021

Older employees tend to experience fewer injuries than younger workers in the workplace because they’re more cautious and experienced. But accidents tend to be more fatal on older workers than their younger colleagues. Therefore, employers need to be more mindful in enhancing the safety of older employees against on-the-job hazards. Below is a list of beneficial and cost-effective recommendations to help keep your ageing employees safe and healthy. Please read on.

How to Protect Your Workers from Winter Injuries and Illness

07th January 2021

Colder weather normally comes with a unique set of hazards that could lead to injuries and illness in the workplace. Employers need to be on the forefront to ensure the safety of their employees during these cold times. The following are effective tips that you can implement to protect your workforce from common winter problems such as hypothermia, frostbite, and cold stress.

Cold Stress

What Health and Safety Trends Can We Expect to See in 2021?

05th January 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 was a hugely difficult year for the health & safety sector, but what does 2021 hold in store? Could some of the challenges that we came across in the last year help to make the next year a little easier to manage?

A More Personalised Approach

The days of a one-size-fits-all approach to health and safety seem to be over. It has become clear that a personalised approach is needed to help deal with different roles, risks and other factors that vary from one person to another.

The Most Dangerous Jobs Throughout History

04th January 2021

Going to work has always been a dangerous business for millions of people. While safety standards are now higher than at any other time in human history, there are still some risky occupations around, although thankfully some of the worst jobs have now disappeared.

The Many Risks of Being a Miner