News | August 2020

Construction Safety: A Look at Struck-By Injuries in Construction

31st August 2020

Struck-by hazards are among the major safety concerns in the construction industry every year that cause hundreds and thousands of injuries and deaths. These hazards comprise the widest range of individual hazards categorised based on how the striking object moves. Below are the common struck-by hazards workers in the construction field face every day, and how they can be prevented. Please read on.


  1. Flying Objects

Common Non-Routine Safety Risks Before Plant Shutdown

27th August 2020

Routine plant shutdowns are vital to allow time for upgrades, changeovers, in-depth housekeeping, preventive maintenance tasks, and other tasks that aren’t part of a facility’s daily operation schedule. However, tasks scheduled to be accomplished during plant shutdowns are non-routine and can present different hazards as compared to those faced during normal operations. Below are some of the most common risks during a plant shutdown that you should consider reviewing and incorporating safeguards into plans and procedures for each to help better manage each project.


7 Simple Steps to a Successful Lockout/Tagout Program

26th August 2020

A successful lockout/tagout program requires a solid foundation, written plan, effective communications, and comprehensive training for your workers. Having the relevant lockout/tagout equipment is only one component of a successful program. The following steps will help you create a safe, effective, and legal lockout/tagout program for your workplace. 


  1. Create Procedures

Places You Might Not Know Were Famous for Metals

25th August 2020

People have been mining metal for centuries, with many of the towns that sprung up around the mines becoming rich and hugely important. Yet, you might not realise that the following places were made famous through metal mining.

Butte, USA – Trade Unions and St Patrick’s Day

Butte, Montana has been the scene of some famous events over the years, with many of them linked to its mining industry. It started out as a gold mining town and then silver was found here. But it was the rich seam of copper that turned it into the major mining centre that it became.

The Key Points for Employers Getting Back to Work

24th August 2020

As more companies get back to work following the lockdown, it is important for them to consider the key points before doing this. The following are some of the issues contained in the latest government advice.

The Hygiene of the Workplace

One of the most crucial areas to look at is the cleaning and hygiene of the workplace and the equipment used there. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. For example, it is recommended that businesses use signs and posters to advise employees of the importance of good hand washing techniques.

Common Mobile Anchor Points to Use When Working at Height

20th August 2020

Falls from heights is still the leading cause of workplace injuries and deaths, especially in the construction and manufacturing industries. A majority of the fatalities are usually due to lack of proper workforce training, lack of proper fall protection, or failure to use fall protection when working at height. Today, there’s a wide array of mobile anchor points that you can use to provide solutions to most fall protection situations when working at height.

How to Choose the Right Fall Protection System for Your Needs

19th August 2020

There are several factors that you should consider to ensure you have the right fall protection system in your workplace. These include identifying the areas in your workplace that need fall protection, how the system will be supported, and the number of workers who’ll be using the system at one time, among other factors. Here’s a simple selection guide to help you install a comprehensive fall protection system for your workforce and help you identify the best system for your application.

The Most Outrageous Fictional Factories

18th August 2020

Many films are set inside realistic factories, showing us a glimpse of real working conditions. However, there are also some unbelievable movie factories that could never exist in the real world.

Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

No matter which version of the movie you love best, one of the highlights of the whole thing is the incredible building where Willie Wonka makes his sweet treats. It is a massive fantasy world that looks exactly what a child might design for the world’s best chocolate factory.

The Latest Health & Safety Guidelines for Lone Workers

17th August 2020

When considering health and safety matters, it is easy to overlook the needs of solo workers. Thankfully, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently brought out detailed guidelines on how to protect employees in this position.

Definition of Lone Workers

All You Need to Know About Choosing a Fall Protection Anchorage Point: Part One

13th August 2020

If you’re working on any project that puts you at risk of falling, it’s important to ensure you’ve taken all the necessary steps to enhance your safety. You need to invest in high-quality safety equipment and find the right fall protection anchor points as well. CE marked fabrications are proof the product has been designed and manufactured to meet the relevant EU health and safety directives. Your protection gear will be almost worthless without a proper anchorage point. This piece contains everything you need to know about choosing a fall protection anchorage point.