News | June 2020

Study Shows the Long-Term Impact of Ladder Falls

30th June 2020

A recent study has looked at how people are affected by falling off a ladder. The results suggest that it can have a bigger impact on men, especially as they get older.

Full Details of the Research

This research was carried out by investigators at the University of Queensland, and it is believed to be the first study of this type ever to be carried out. The University’s Dr Rob Eley pointed out that they had found that people could suffer from a variety of problems after a fall.

The 4 Ps of Lone Worker Risk Management

30th June 2020

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a lone worker is someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision. Employers should ensure that these workers should be at no greater risk of injury than when with other workers or those working in fixed spaces. However, these workers face a range of hazards and risks daily. When completing a lone worker risk assessment, the employer should consider a wide range of hazards that the workers may face as they attend to their normal duties.

The Metal Billionaires Who Have Ruled the World

29th June 2020

Throughout modern history, the people who have controlled metals have been among the planet’s richest and most powerful leaders. The following are a few of the metal billionaires who have amassed incredible fortunes over the years.

Andrew Carnegie

One of the wealthiest men in the history of humanity, Carnegie was born to a poor family in Scotland. He made his fortune when he moved to the US and dominated the steel industry as the country grew at an incredible pace, long before CE marked fabrications and other modern enhancements appeared on the scene.

How to Build and Maintain Safety Awareness in Your Workplace

25th June 2020

Workplace safety issues can be experienced in almost any field, but they’re particularly prevalent in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Building and maintaining a safe work environment should be the priority of every employer and safety officer. You need to actively promote a strong safety culture in your organisation to ensure a successful and effective health and safety program. Below are some of the most effective ways to build and maintain safety awareness in your workplace.


Important Steps to an Effective Workplace Safety Audit

24th June 2020

Safety audits are essential to identify gaps in workplace safety and challenge the benchmarks you’ve set in your safety management system. They help organisations come up with actionable steps to improve their business safety. Whether you’re doing your first safety audit or the tenth, you need to ensure you’re doing it effectively. This piece contains a summary outline of the important steps to an effective safety audit in your workplace. Please read on.

  1. Planning

Weird and Wonderful High-Altitude Records

23rd June 2020

Humans have long been fascinated by the idea of soaring high into the skies, and of falling from them. This is why there have been so many incredible high-altitude records set over the years.

The Highest Hot Air Balloon Ride

Vijaypat Singhania wrote himself into the record books in 2005, when he went for a gentle little air balloon trip. In fact, he rose up and up until reaching the dizzying heights of 68,986 feet over Mumbai in India.

Health and Safety Update: How Many People Have Coronaphobia?

22nd June 2020

As the UK and other countries around the world return to work, it has been revealed that many people are worried about their health as they try to get back to normal life again.

Dubbed coronaphobia, the fear of going back to work has begun to appear as lockdown restrictions ease. How many people suffer from it, and what should companies be doing to get their staff through this period?

How Widespread Is This Fear?

Has the Two Metre Rule Been Relaxed for the UK Construction Industry?

18th June 2020

There has been some confusion lately over whether the 2 metre social distancing rule has been relaxed in the UK. Does it still apply or can construction sites now abandon it?

The Official Government guidelines still mention this rule about maintaining a 2 metre distance between people at all times. However, there has been a notable softening of the language used in this respect, as pressure has been growing for them to allow more businesses to get back to work.

The Most Outrageously Expensive Gold Versions of Everyday Items

17th June 2020

It is clear that using gold instead of steel, aluminium or some other material increases the cost of any item. Yet, when we look at the most expensive versions of everyday items, some of the price tags are astonishing.

The Gold Shirt

Indian businessman Datta Phuge hit the headlines all over the world in 2013 when it was revealed that he had ordered a custom-made gold shirt. Made of 14,000 pieces of 22-carat gold with 7 Swarovski crystal buttons added on, it weighed over 3.3 kilograms and was said to have cost 12.7 million rupees, or around £134,000.

Workplace Safety: How to be a Safety Leader in Your Workplace

17th June 2020

Achieving and sustaining a safe work environment demands strong leadership. Safety leaders face different challenges every day at work and have to deal with them efficiently. Most safety leaders are safety professionals, but anyone can become a leader when it comes to safety. The following are some of the ways you can implement today to become a great safety leader in your workplace.


  1. Safety Training and Drills