News | May 2020

Experts Warn of the Dangers of Overlooking Different Safety Risks at Work

01st June 2020

While much of the public attention has been focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and how to get back to work safely, experts have warned of the dangers of neglecting other health and safety risks.

As part of this, an update from the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) pointed out that two large fines of over £1 million each were imposed in May on companies that failed to comply with existing safety regulations.

Safety When Working at Height

Understanding Ladders: The Ladder Parts Most Prone to Damage

28th May 2020

Ladders, just like many other tools, are composed of different parts designed to fulfil specific roles. Each part needs to be in great shape for them to work properly. However, most people hardly take time to inspect the parts to ensure they’re in excellent condition, especially if the ladder is still new or still able to carry out its intended purpose. 

Ladder Certification: British and European Ladder Certification Standards

27th May 2020

Most pieces of access equipment such as ladders and stepladders are regulated by different British and European standards. These standards are usually categorised by product types and material of construction. When choosing the product to use, it’s vital to select the appropriate class and strength for the task at hand. Below are some of the British and European standards.

How the Construction Industry is Safely Going Back to Work Around the Planet

26th May 2020

While the coronavirus outbreak has caused the construction industry to grind to a halt all over the world, there are now signs of it getting back to normal again.

We can see how this is working by taking a look at some of the places where safety measures are being used to allow workers to get back on-site. Many of them have the same issues as UK sites, while others have unique issues to deal with.

South Africa Goes Back to Work

The Tallest Waves in Recorded History

25th May 2020

If you have ever seen a tsunami then you will know the immense power the sea can unleash. This can lead to enormous waves causing massive destruction, but what are the biggest waves ever seen on Earth?

The Highest Tsunami Wave

We need to go back to 1958 to discover the most incredible tsunami to ever hit the planet. This happened when an earthquake shook the Fairweather Fault in Alaska, causing millions of cubic metres of rock to crash down into Lituya Bay from over 900 metres above.

Most Common Workplace Injuries and How to Avoid Them

21st May 2020

Workplace accidents can be inevitable, even as more and more employers are focusing on ways to avoid potential hazards in their organisations. Hundreds and thousands of unforeseen circumstances can always occur even in places least expected. The following are some of the most common types of injuries to look out for and ways you can implement to prevent them.


History’s Most Infamous Construction Failures

20th May 2020

While most construction jobs go to plan, the potential for disaster is never far away. If we look back over some of the most infamous failures in the history of building work, we can see how oversights and lack of diligence can lead to massive mistakes.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

6 Common Myths About Workplace Safety That You Should Beware

20th May 2020

Perhaps you must’ve heard myths about different aspects of life at some point in your life. Workplace safety is not immune to myths, either. There are several things in the workplace that employers and workers tend to get wrong. We have compiled a list of six most common myths that need to be disregarded to enhance workplace safety.


Health and Safety Update: UK Under Fire for Failing to Protect Workers

19th May 2020

With many people now going back to work after the lockdown was relaxed, health and safety is a huge issue. However, the UK’s approach has been criticised in recent days, as it was revealed that the country is falling behind other European nations with the latest regulations.

The European Study

The Need for Additional Safety Measures for Construction Workers

14th May 2020

The importance of the construction industry to the British economy can be seen in the way that Prime Minister Boris Johnson appealed for builders to get back to work. They are seen as being a huge part of the effort to get the country back on track.

Yet, there are fears that more safety measures are needed to allow this to happen safely.

The Worrying Death Rates