News | April 2020

Reflections on World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020

30th April 2020

The 28th of April is the day designated by the International Labour Organisation as World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This year, the ongoing coronavirus crisis has caused this to be a day for reflecting on what is going on around the world.

What Is This Day About?

April 28 has historically been a day for raising awareness around the world of the need for health and safety among workers. It began in 2003, as a way to reduce the number of accidents and diseases suffered by people at work.

A New Health & Safety App Will Help Businesses to Stay in Control

29th April 2020

As many companies look for ways to get back to work with no risk, the health & safety tool market has come more into focus. A new app shows artificial intelligence can be used in this respect, while existing apps also provide a range of benefits.

Details of the New App

This AI-based employee health data management tool is called Klarity. It has been created by Delfin Health and DocHQ. The focus is largely on checking for Covid-19 cases, but that isn’t all that it offers.

4 Ways in Which Drones Can be Used to Evaluate and Improve Workplace Safety Conditions

29th April 2020

Going to work can be unsafe, especially for those working in high-risk industries such as construction and mining. These industries report the most work-related injuries and deaths, mainly resulting from job-site accidents and exposure to hazardous materials. 

Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), have proven to be an effective solution to reducing human involvement in dangerous environments. Read on to learn some of the ways you can use drones to evaluate and improve working conditions in your workplace.


New Words & Ladders Game for Curious Minds

28th April 2020

A new mobile game based on the classic Snakes and Ladders format promises to give players some interesting puzzles to solve.

The Basic Details

Called Words & Ladders, this game is from the Etermax studio that is based in Argentina and has over 700 million downloads for their games to date. They say that it was inspired by the ancient Indian game of Moksha Patam, from which Snakes and Ladders is derived.

5 Common Types of Workplace Safety Hazards You Should Know Of

27th April 2020

A safe work environment is vital for the safety of your employees and the workplace at large. However, every workplace has hazards that could cause health and safety risks. As an employer or safety officer, it’s your duty to look after the safety of your employees and protect them from any hazards that have the potential to harm. You need to identify, monitor, and eliminate or reduce all the risks connected to hazards in your workplace. There are several types of workplace hazards, which can be categorised into five main types as explained below.


5 Essential Steps to Building a Safe Work Environment

23rd April 2020

Safety professionals have a huge task of ensuring the safety of a worksite or an organisation. They must reduce risks of injuries and illness at work, which can be challenging if they lack proper training and experience in dealing with different issues. Below is a list of five essential steps to building a safe work environment.


  1. Plan Ahead

Safety Equipment Commonly Used in Confined Spaces

23rd April 2020

Working in confined spaces has been a major cause of concern for decades now. These spaces have a wide variety of hazards that could result in injuries and even deaths. Employers and authorities are constantly working on ways to eliminate the need for workers to enter such spaces. This includes changing processes and implementation of new technologies that help enhance smooth and safe operations, such as using CCTVs for monitoring. 

The Construction Industry Could Lead the Way in New Safety Measures

21st April 2020

At the time of writing, there is still a lack of clarity over exactly when businesses will go back to normal in the UK and elsewhere. There are differing opinions over when the lockdown restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak should be partially or fully lifted.

Yet, one element that is becoming clearer is that the construction industry could be one of the leaders in showing the world how to get back to work safely.

Should Construction Site Workers Be Going Back to Work

Copper in Cornwall and Metal-Eating Robots: The Latest Metal News

20th April 2020

The world of metals might seem like something that never changes. Yet, new discoveries are constantly changing the limits of our knowledge, shaking up the industry and suggesting new ways of using these materials.

A couple of recent examples from the news show us how this can happen.

An Unexpected Discovery in Cornwall

Confined Spaces: Inherent Risks of Confined Spaces

15th April 2020

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a confined space is a space which is substantially enclosed and where there’s a high risk of serious injuries from hazardous conditions or substances inside the space or nearby. There are several cases of injuries and deaths that occur in confined spaces reported every year in the UK. Mining and sewage industries usually record the most cases. You need efficient access tools such as fixed access ladders to safely access most confined spaces.