News | March 2020

When is it the Right Time to Replace Your Ladder?

31st March 2020

Proper maintenance, storage, and safe use of your ladders are essential for the long life of your tools. Ladders usually don’t wear out like other tools, but this doesn’t mean they’re immune to wear and tear. Cracks, sharp edges, indentation, loose screws, significant abrasions, and shaky fixings are often assumed ladder issues that could easily cause ladder failure and hence accidents. In some cases, you can fix the issues and your ladder should be good to perform its intended task. However, there are some signs that tell it’s time to switch to another ladder before it’s too late.

Energetic Music Stars Who Have Famously Climbed Stuff (and One Has Acrophobia)

31st March 2020

Not every music star is happy to perform at the level of the stage. Some memorable moments have occurred when singers and musicians decided to climb that little bit higher.

Bono Liked to Climb Scaffolding

Bono used to be seen as frequently above the stage as on it. The U2 singer had a habit of climbing any type of scaffolding that he could find on or near the stage.

Weird Metals Found Across the Universe

30th March 2020

We are all used to using metals like iron and steel. Yet, the mysterious world of metals includes some crazy facts and bizarre substances that most people never hear of.

Europium Might Be Made When Dead Stars Crash Together

If you know your periodic table then you know that Europium is element number 63. It is incredibly rare and is never found in pure form because of the fact that it reacts instantly with body air and water.

How the Right Ladders Can Help You to Make the Most of Staying at Home

26th March 2020

Being forced to stay at home all day long, every day can seem incredibly boring. Yet, with our health at stake, now is a good time to look for some ways of making this easier to cope with.

For example, if you have the right ladders in your house, you can use them to make your spare time more enjoyable.

Discover a Different View from the Loft

Do you have a loft space that you never use? These areas are often left empty or are filled with clutter from other parts of the house. Yet, they can be converted into wonderful bedrooms or home offices.

How to Give an Effective Toolbox Talk

25th March 2020

Many companies are adopting toolbox talks as an essential safety training tool. If delivered well, it can be a great tool that contributes to an improved health and safety culture in an organisation. It also reduces the number of near misses and can provide timely safety reminders to the workforce.

But delivering a toolbox talk can be quite challenging. There are important tips that one must observe to ensure they deliver an effective talk. Read on to learn some of these essential tips.

  1. Be Brief

Essential Roofing Tools and Equipment Every Roofer Must Have

24th March 2020

Are you a roofer looking to start your own roofing business but are not sure which tools and equipment are fundamental to the roofing industry? If yes, you’re in the right place. Below is a list of basic equipment and essential tools required to perform certain tasks. Please read on.

  1. Ladder

Memorable Ladder Stunts from Around the World

23rd March 2020

Ladders are hugely practical items that can be used to carry out a number of jobs safely at height. Yet, they have also been used in a variety of exciting ways by different performers.

The following are some instances of people carrying out crazy stunts by using ladders in ways that they simply weren’t designed to be used for. Thankfully, none of them ended in tragedy. These are however examples of dangerous stunts that you definitely shouldn’t try at home.

Uzeyer Novruzov Fell off a Ladder on America’s Got Talent

The Most Useful and Interesting Ladders for Animals

18th March 2020

You might think that only humans use ladders. Yet, there are a variety of different ladders for animals that are well worth knowing about too.

Life-Saving Ladders for Frogs in South Korea

Car Graveyards and Rusting Boats: Where Do Metal Objects Go to Die?

17th March 2020

Have you ever wondered where old metal objects go once they are no longer needed? The world is becoming filled with more and more products of this type every day, but what happens to the oldest of these objects that need to be recycled or disposed of?

The Indian Town Where Old Boats Are Stripped

Fascinating Facts About Ladders You Probably Didn’t Know About

16th March 2020

You probably know what a ladder is. Perhaps you have one in your home or workplace, right? Ladders are useful tools that help us have access to places that would otherwise be beyond our reach. In this post, we have prepared a list of some interesting facts about ladders. Please read on.

  1. Ladders Have Been Around for a Long While