News | December 2019

The Best Jobs for People Who Love Working at Heights

31st December 2019

Not everyone feels comfortable when they are up in the sky at a great height. Matt Damon, Woody Allen and Sheryl Crow are just a few of the famous people who say that they suffer from Acrophobia.
Yet, if you love looking down on the world from high up in the sky then there are some jobs that could be perfect for you.

Combination Ladders: Learn the Different Uses and How to Use it Properly

30th December 2019

Ladders are a big part of almost every home or business, and combination ladders are not an exception. These ladders are portable and which can be used in different modes. In today's article, we will be explaining how. 

The Biggest Unfinished Construction Projects in History

27th December 2019

Finishing a large construction project can be hard work. Yet, most of them are completed at one point or another. The following are a few of the most famous exceptions, as these iconic buildings are famous for being unfinished.

Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, Spain 

Probably the most famous unfinished construction of all, this mammoth basilica started life in 1882. Antoni Gaudí took over the project a year later with a bold, unique style that has divided opinion ever since.

Surviving the Winter: How Important is Roofing Installation?

26th December 2019

Several aspects go into constructing a building, and proper roof insulation is a key aspect. Many home and business owners often tend to overlook the importance of insulation in the longevity and energy-efficiency of their facility. In cold periods, like the winter, insulation serves to keep you warm and comfortable. Below is a list of some important benefits of a properly insulated roof.

Personal vs. Collective Work at Height Measures: Which Should You Prioritise?

24th December 2019

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), collective measures should be prioritised over personal measures. But what, exactly, are these measures and why should one be given priority over the other? This article provides a detailed difference between the two and the reasons behind the need for prioritisation.  First, let’s learn what each means and the defining characteristics.
Collective Work at Height Measures

How High Can a Human Jump?

23rd December 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo caused gasps around the world with a spectacular headed goal for Juventus against Sampdoria recently. The Portuguese star leapt 71cm (almost 268 inches) in the air and remained suspended for 1.5 seconds, but how much higher than this are humans capable of jumping?

The High Jump Records

Should Roof Access Walkways and Stairs be Taken as Extras?

20th December 2019

Are you among the several building owners and managers who assume the need for roof access walkways and stairs? This access equipment has often been perceived as “extras.” Well, did you know that access equipment is vital for the safety of your employees and the life of the roof?

Common Rooftop Challenges

The following are some of the most common rooftop challenges:

Factors to Consider When Conducting Work at Height Risk Assessment

19th December 2019

Appropriate risk assessment and implementation of controls is essential to all work at height with a significant risk of a fall that could lead to injuries. The assessment must be done in advance to minimise the risk and ensure the availability of realistic fall protection.

Below are some of the most important factors to consider during the risk assessment process. 

The Best and Worst Songs (Possibly) About Construction Work

18th December 2019

We know that music can help us to improve our productivity levels. Listening to some great tunes on a building site can help to keep everyone happily working away. But what songs should you choose to play here? 

Hard Hat and a Hammer - Alan Jackson
This rock classic tells us an “average Joe, average pay” situation. Jackson then goes on to point out that there is “nothing wrong with a hard hat and a hammer” and even says “God bless the working man”.

The British Pioneers Who Changed the World with Modern Steel

16th December 2019

The names of many of the people who have contributed to human progress have been lost over the centuries. Yet, when we look back at the history of steel, we can see some inventors and other visionaries who helped to bring us the material that is now so important in the modern world.
Abraham Darby