News | November 2018

Pre-Construction Services Agreements Explained

29th November 2018

Last week we brought our readers some information on contracts in the construction sector and why they are such an important issue.  Today, we’re going to look at a different type of contract –Pre-Construction Services Agreements.

Cities of the Future – Transforming the Built Environment

28th November 2018

Most of us over the age of 30 will have seen some quite radical changes in our lifetime – changes in the ways in which we work, live, travel and play.  This has come about as a result of rapid technological development that has seen us go from a traditional society to a connected one.  We’re all connected nowadays via the internet, something some of us older folk believed was a dream in the realms of science fiction.  Now, we don’t leave the house without some means of staying connected to the rest of the world, whether by smart phone, tablet or laptop. 

BREEAM Performance Levels Unravelled – Part Two

26th November 2018

Last week we began our mini-series on the scoring and rating system for BREEAM performance levels, bringing you an explanation on BREEAM ratings and what’s necessary to achieve them and some details on the environmental weightings that are used in BREEAM’s weighting system.  Today, as promised, we’ve got some more details on the assessment issues and additional credits for innovation that appear in last week’s table of BREEAM’s nine environmental sections.

New Ladder Standards – Frequently Asked Questions

22nd November 2018

As we reported earlier this year, the European Committee for Standardisation issued some new standards that were designed to reduce the number of ladder related accidents and establish new testing and design requirements to ensure that ladders comply with stringent criteria for stability and load bearing capacity.   We did publish some information on the changes and what they would mean for anybody using ladders, especially those working in the construction sector here in the UK.  Today, we’ve put together a

Contracts in the Construction Sector – Why They’re so Important

21st November 2018

The construction industry is one of the most contract-rich industries we have – there can be so many parties involved in any given project, including:

BREEAM Performance Levels Unravelled – Part One

20th November 2018

Back in May of this year we brought you some information on BREEAM, the international initiative providing third party certification of the assessment of sustainability performance of individual buildings, infrastructure projects and communities.  BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method that was launched in 1990 to provide a flexible foundation for sustainable buildings which encourages the adoption of sustainable methods from the earliest development sta

Avoiding Slavery on Construction Sites

19th November 2018

Most of us here in the UK view slavery as an embarrassing and unacceptable part of American and British history, something that happened way back in the past.  The Slavery Abolition Act of 1883 saw Britain abolishing slavery, followed by the French colonies in 1848 and the US in 1865 (following the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution).  However, you may have heard the term “slavery” in some UK news reports in recent years and several of these instances have involved the construction industry!  In fact, our government announced in July that it was planning to launch an independe

Sustainable Structures – One Angel Square, Manchester

15th November 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications we keep a close eye on news and current trends that affect the construction industry.  We already have a series in which we publish news on innovative buildings and construction techniques (all of our articles under the Innovation Stations banner), so we’ve decided to do a similar series on sustainable buildings.  Sustainable buildings are on the increase, both in the UK and overseas as governments across the globe adjust their construction rules and regulations in order to meet the requirements of the 21st Century.  One of the most vital requirements

Saving your Skin in the Construction Sector – Part Three

14th November 2018

Over the past few weeks we’ve been warning our readers about the dangers of occupational skin disorders (OSDs), a topic about which health and safety experts around the UK are currently raising awareness.  We’ve already brought you some information on the types of skin problems that can be caused in the workplace, followed by advice for construction company employers on the importance of com

Questioning Safety on Site

13th November 2018

According to Andrew Sharman, the CEO of a global consultancy specialising in safety behaviour, culture and leadership, the new rule of safety is to question everything!  He believes that despite the sophisticated frameworks, complex charts and strategic performance indicators which are designed to allow leaders and organisations to strive towards safety excellence, safety strategies depend on total integrations with people at all levels of any company in order to be effective.