News | October 2018

NASC – What’s it all About?

31st October 2018

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) was founded in 1945 as the UK trade association representing companies involved in scaffolding and access work.  It represents our sector as a member of Build UK (which used to be known as the UK Contractors Group) and is a member of the Trade Association Forum.  Member companies of NASC enjoy access to information and support on security, training and legal issues.

Innovation Stations – Modular Homes on Trial at Gateshead Innovation Village

30th October 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications we’ve been following the news on one of the latest new methods, off-site construction, with avid interest.  After all, this is a technique that will make the construction industry safer as it requires less work at height, one of the riskiest activities in the construction game.  Off-site construction brings with it other benefits, besides safety – we covered some of the

Britain’s Shrinking Buildings

29th October 2018

In one of our articles a couple of weeks ago we highlighted a problem that is going to have a very real effect on families and homeowners across the UK for many years to come – the fact that as we make progress and our population grows, our homes are shrinking!  Although new homes are being built across the whole of the UK at an impressive rate in order to tackle the shortage meet the government’s plan to build 300,000 new homes each year in accordance with the 2017 Budget, the new homes being built are so sma

Quiz Night for Construction Contractors at Building Live 2018

25th October 2018

Next month’s construction industry event, Building Live 2018, will be adding some fun to the occasion with the first ever Building Quiz.  Potential participants are being urged to “test your mettle” against the best in the construction business by fielding a team to compete in a general knowledge quiz against fellow construction professionals that’s been dubbed “Battle of the Professions”. 

Keep off the Scaffold! Part Three – Ladder Removal

24th October 2018

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at the UK Health and Safety Executive’s recent Safety Bulletin that stresses the importance of making sure that suitable measures are taken to prevent children and other members of the public from gaining access to and then climbing ladders and scaffolding on construction sites.  We’ve already described in detail the types of ladder guards that should be chosen, such as our own Ascent™ Ladderguard. 


Increasing Productivity in Construction – Collaboration and Communication

23rd October 2018

Last week we took a look at some factors that are preventing an increase in productivity in the UK construction industry, namely the lack of accuracy which leads to errors and delays which has resulted in 75% of construction professionals revealing that they have no faith in quality management systems.  Today, we’re going to take a look at another issue that can have a huge impact on making progress towards an increase in productivity – collaboration complications.

Construction Output at the Mercy of Materials Costs

22nd October 2018

Some worrying news for construction companies across the UK as the cost of building materials is predicted to increase by more than 5% over the coming twelve months.  This couldn’t come at a worse time as, according to a new report by consultancy Turner and Townsend (T&T), the UK market is starting to slow down.  Despite the fact that contractors had reported a 23% point rise in order books, which has resulted in a lack of confidence in a number of areas, with contractors in the London region expressing the most concern. 

What’s Stopping Increased Productivity in the Construction Industry?

18th October 2018

According to one of the construction industry’s leading management software providers, productivity in our sector has been stagnant for the past 20 years.  Hourly output remained the same in 2015 as it was in 1994, despite the industry’s increasing willingness to adopt new technologies.  One of the key obstacles identified as limiting productivity is the accuracy and speed of the information available for access by project teams. 

Keep off the Scaffold! Part Two - Fencing

17th October 2018

Last week we brought you news of the UK Health and Safety Executive’s recent Safety Bulletin that stresses the importance of making sure that suitable measures are taken to prevent members of the public (especially children) from gaining access to and climbing ladders and scaffolding on construction sites.  We described in detail the types of ladder guards that should be chosen, such as our own Ascent™ Ladderguard which is specifically designed to be:

Invasion of the Teeny Tiny Houses

16th October 2018

Nobody can have failed to notice that there’s a building boom going on in the UK right now, with new estates popping up all over the place.  Building activity is happening on the outskirts of many towns and villages and on reclaimed industrial land that once housed docks and factories as the construction industry and housebuilding companies strive to meet the government’s demand for new housing stock.  However, if you’ve visited one of these completed homes, you may be surprised to discover how tiny so many of them are.