News | September 2018

Wanna Play a Game? It’s not Snakes and Ladders!

27th September 2018

Some great news for health and safety professionals, especially those of you who like to have a little bit of fun now and again, despite the serious issues you deal with.  The manufacturers’ organisation EFF (formerly known as the Engineering Employees’ Federation), launched a game-based learning tool at this year’s IOSH 2018 conference which was held at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre (ICC).  The game is an interactive tool which will enable employers and employees to promote health and safety in the workplace more effectively.

The UK Green Building Council – What’s it all About?

26th September 2018

In one of our articles last week we brought you news on designing buildings that are geared up for future climate change and the fact that the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) is now offering a three hour course in Climate Resilience .  We promised that this week we’d take a more detailed look at the UK Green Building Council, so here we go.

Digital Construction Roadshows

25th September 2018

We’re all familiar with the Radio One Roadshows that many of us flocked to in our teens, hoping to get the chance to see our favourite DJ live and join in the mayhem and fun.  The Digital Construction Roadshow won’t be short of fun as it’s billed as a series of interactive, education and intimate networking events covering the key technology trends and challenges around digital take-up in our industry. 

Counteracting the Curse of Carillion

24th September 2018

There’s some more good news for small to medium construction companies as the Insolvency Service takes measures to tighten up on “phoenix firms”.  The plan is part of a raft of measures that were proposed after several high profile corporate collapses, including Carillion (with the fallout affecting so many small to medium construction companies and suppliers), and retail giant BHS.

Snap Happy Construction Company Photos Checklist

20th September 2018

As promised last week in our article on the benefits of using a photographic record of your construction company’s projects, here is a handy checklist of best practice guidelines to follow when taking photos to create a visual record of the building process:

Government Plan to Level the Playing Field for Construction SMEs

19th September 2018

Some good news on the way for the construction industry here in the UK, especially for small to medium building companies, many of which have worried about cash flow issues.  The collapse of Carillion at the beginning of this year highlighted the fact that so many SMEs here in the UK building industry are put at risk of the domino effect when such a large company goes under.  In fact, Carillion’s liquidation hit the construction industry hard, affecting a massive 47% o

Design for Future Climate Change

18th September 2018

A couple of weeks ago we brought you news of the Construction Sector Deal, followed last week by some information on the Clean Growth Challenge, a major element of the UK government’s plan to maximise advantages for industry in the UK and reduce the energy use of new buildings by 50% over the next decade or so.  Today we’re going to take a more detailed look at

Construction Management Tips for Success

17th September 2018

If you’re employed in a construction management role, then you’re probably devoting a lot of your time analysing the performance of your workers and the success of your projects.  However, if you have any interest in career development, then improving your own performance as a manager is vital.  Today we’re taking a look at how you can effectively analyse your own performance so that you can make the improvements necessary to ensure a successful career in the field of construction management.

Working At Height – Who’s Responsible for What

13th September 2018

Those who work at height, either on a regular or occasional basis, are at an increased risk of falls and accidents.  Working at height requires sensible risk management; this is the principle that underpins the framework of the UK Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR).   There are practical steps that can be taken by employers in order to protect the health and safety of their workers who work at height.  However, although health and safety at work is ultimately the responsibility of employers, there are also considerations that workers can take into account in order to ensure that they

The Clean Growth Challenge – What’s it all About?

12th September 2018

A couple of weeks ago we brought you some exciting news for the construction industry here in the UK and then followed that up with a detailed look at the Construction Sector Deal which was launched to increase productivity in our sector through investment in innovation and skills.  This initiative was created in order to create new jobs and maximise export potential.  A vita