News | May 2018

The Grenfell Tower Review and what it Means for Construction in the UK

31st May 2018

It’s now been nearly a year since the nation watched in horror as Grenfell Tower burned, causing at least 72 deaths and more than 70 injuries.  Harrowing live footage of the incident was interspersed with recordings of heart-breaking phone calls from those trapped inside as they said goodbye to relatives and prepared to die.  The fire raged for more than 60 hours while fire fighters and other emergency services battled valiantly to save lives and stop the conflagration.   The rapid spread of the fire is thought to have been accelerated by the exterior cladding used on the building, a claddi

Station Innovation with Safety Fabrications in Leeds

30th May 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications, we take pride in the work we do and the construction projects that rely on our products for safe access solutions.  As such, we were thrilled to be involved in the major refurbishment of Leeds Railway Station which underwent a massive £245 million modernisation to provide a fully integrated transport service in the city of Leeds.  One of our specialities is working in close collaboration with clients to ensure that we provide a bespoke solution within an individual project’s specific requirements.  Whatever our clients need – we pride ourselves on rising to the

Managing Business Expenses for Construction Industry Contractors

24th May 2018

Any small construction company owner who relies on contract work will be familiar with spikes and dips in work throughout the year.  This can make it challenging to manage operational expenses so here are some tips that you can use to try to create a more balanced cash flow for your business.

DIY Exterior Painting – How to Use your Ladder Safely

23rd May 2018

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been publishing some advice for avid DIY-ers who decide to tackle the job of painting the exterior of their homes.  We began with some general safety advice, followed by some tips on making sure that the ladder chosen is safe to use for the job.  Today we’re going to have a look at some of the issues to take into account when it comes to using a ladder in a safe manner.

Pedal Power for Progress

22nd May 2018

Here at Safety Fabrications we are well aware that as a local business in Sheffield, it’s vital to support local communities even though we are lucky enough to trade with customers from across the world.  Sheffield is our base and we’re committed to making sure that Sheffield is a great place to live, work and play.  So we were thrilled at the beginning of May to join some of our customers in a 100 mile bike ride to raise money for Endeavour, a local charity for whom we manufactured a cycle trailer a while back. 

DIY Exterior Painting – How to Check your Ladder is Safe

17th May 2018

Ladder safety is always an important consideration whether during domestic use or use in industry.  Choosing the right ladder for the job and using it correctly is vital in order to minimise the risk of an accident.

Future Trends – the Construction Industry in 2018

16th May 2018

The construction industry is evolving, thanks to some exciting new trends, exciting developments and innovative materials and methods of working.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the trends that we’ll be seeing more of over the coming year as our sector modernises for the 21st Century.

BREEAM – What’s it all About

15th May 2018

BREEAM is an international imitative that provides third party certification of the assessment of sustainability performance of individual buildings, communities and infrastructure projects.  The assessment and certification can be carried out at a number of stages in the built environment lifecycle from design and construction through to operation and refurbishment. 

‘Elf and Safety Gone Mad – We’re Lucky to Have Legislation and Enforcement in the UK.

14th May 2018

Here in the UK, we’re a nation of wry comics and we like nothing better than to poke fun at ourselves.  This is particularly obvious when it comes to our attitude towards health and safety, with many of us bemoaning ‘elf and safety gone mad!  We’re constantly on the lookout for activities that have been banned or curtailed in recent times due to health and safety legislation.  Who can forget the “ban” on playing conkers in the autumn or recent advice that kids shouldn’t climb trees?  We look back fondly on the days when we were free to take gambles with our lives (and often lucky enough to

New Ladder Safety Standards

11th May 2018

There are approximately 609,000 cases of reportable work-related accidents in the UK each year according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and it’s been revealed that the most common cause is falling from height (accounting for 28% of incidents).  Although the number of fatal injuries have decreased in recent years, thanks in no small measure to stringent health and safety legislation backed by a strict enforcement process in the UK, many of these accidents involve the use of a ladder.