About Our Blog

Our specialist field is the manufacture of metal objects for the fall protection, access and working at height sector.  It’s a pretty niche market – a market full of expertise and knowledge. We believe the only way we will improve is to understand our customers and hopefully for them to understand us. For us to do this we need to communicate with them. This blog is one of our ways of trying to do this.

We will post on this blog anything that interests us – in the hope that this will interest you.  Maybe it will interest you enough to comment? We hope so. We aim to generate interest in what we do and we want to ensure we get this right. The only way we can do this is if we get feedback and input from you, our customers – the experts in the field of access and safety.

You, our customer know the problems you face every day; clients who require invisible ladders, fall protection systems held on by skyhooks, camouflaged guardrail… the list is no doubt endless. We want to hear about these – it may be something we or one of your fellow bloggers has come across before. Let’s not be an industry full of smoke and mirrors –what we do is all pretty straight forward really. All we generally have to do is to provide the equipment to get the man safely to and from his place of work.  

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